StartupBlink December Networking event

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Hello, Lisbon entrepreneurs!

It is time again for our monthly networking event happening in dozens of cities around the world in the same day!

This is your chance to lead your local city Networking event! We need one of you to Volunteer and make sure the event happens in your city.

Event leaders are responsible for two easy tasks:

1) Deciding on a location.

2) Welcoming those attending.

To lead an event, just send us a message via the group or email us at [email protected] with the location you have picked and your phone/whatsapp so we can publish your details as the leader of the event in the group. If you have a project you would like to feature, we will include its description and link on the event description while also giving you a shout out as event organizer in our monthly newsletter sent to over 10,000 entrepreneurs around the world.  

The agenda of the event is simple: connect to other entrepreneurs and help your project grow by knowing the active people in your startup ecosystem. This is an unofficial and relaxed networking event for people looking for ideas, co-founders, team members, investors, suppliers, and clients.

Our events are usually joined by 2 – 15 members, each participant will get a chance to introduce themselves and their project to the other attendees.

If you are interested in becoming the official leader of the group, please consider joining our Startup Community Leaders Program.

Special request from us, please don’t forget to add your Project on and join our closed startup group at:

And if you’re a part of a Hardware Startup, consider joining our specialized group here:


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