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Hi everyone,

On Thursday the 24th of August, join us for a nice dinner at Casa dos Amigos do Minho.

It was so much fun last time, that we decided to do it again! This time we’ll have the space on the rooftop. Amigos do Minho closes for August but when they heard we wanted to come again they made an exception for us!

Amigos do Minho is a typical association, it’s intended as a “Meeting and cultural place” for people from the province of Minho. They don’t mind having a bunch of homeless wifi junkies like ourselves over for a visit, luckily 🙂

We have 40 spots for dinner, which costs €11.50 per person and includes the following:
– Some starters (olives, bread etc)
– Bacalhau á Minhota (Cod Minho style) OR Perna de Porco com Castanhas (Pork with Chestnuts) OR Vegetarian Quiche
– Dessert, choice of Chocolate Mousse, Sweet Rice or Bolo de Bolacha (Cookie Cake)
– Wine, juices and water

It does not include beer, this would be separate.

If you’re vegetarian please let me know in the comments so that the venue is prepared with enough Vegetarian Quiche.

At 7PM, join us on the rooftop first for a pre drink, dinner starts at 8PM

VERY IMPORTANT – Please make sure that you have €11.50 on you in cash to make it easier to pay after dinner. Since it’s an association, it might be nice to leave a tip for them as well, as we’d be supporting their activities and festivities.

The entrance is not very easy to recognise, so pay attention to the pictures and come up to the second floor, once you go through the door on the right, keep going up the next stairs until you see the amazing rooftop. 

This is what the entrance looks like:

If you RSVP YES but can’t make it, make sure you update your status so people on the waitlist can join. People on the waitlist, often times spots do become available last minute, so keep an eye out as you’ll be notified by email.

Looking forward to enjoying this feast with you!

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