NomadWorkshops – Personal Growth: Emotional Intelligence and Self Awareness

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Join Dr Aneesh Zutshi and Dr Tahereh Nodehi in this two hour workshop that will help you develop greater emotional intelligence and further enhance your self awareness. 

We grow up as sponges that absorb cultural, social, and emotional behaviours from our family and society. Our decisions and reactions to impulses are the result of these behavioural patterns, beliefs and emotions that we have at a sub-conscious level. While many of these define us as who we are, we often carry excess baggage that does not benefit us.

Passionise in partnership with the Nomad Takeover @ hOurSpace will be organising a mini workshop. Our workshop will help you introspect towards becoming more aware of how you perceive life and how you can overcome your limiting beliefs to become more joyful and develop the skill of greater emotional intelligence.

The workshop will be an open space for discussing and sharing our feelings and receiving feedback with an open attitude and without judgement. 

Some of the key takeaways will be:

1. Learning simple meditation techniques to relax the mind

2. Introspection of emotional patterns and striving towards self growth

3. Improving personal and social relationships

4. Building more constructive and exciting work environment for better communication and efficiency

About Passionise:

Dr Aneesh Zutshi is an Assistant Professor in Entrepreneurship and Digital Business at the Universidad Nova de Lisboa. He works closely with the European Commission on developing entrepreneurship competence in Universities. 

Dr Tahereh Nodehi holds a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering and has been working in R&D for entrepreneurship programmes. 

Together, they are the team behind Passionise.

The Passionise iceberg model:

About Nomad Takeover with hOurSpace:

A space where you can meet nomads on the day that you arrive. Work together alongside inspiring locals and other nomads and then hang out together during the evenings. There will also be fun group activities during the weekends. The Nomad Takeover with hOurSpace is your jumping off point for a great stay in Lisbon full of new connections and wonderful surprises! 

Check out our Monthly/ weekly/ day passes or stop by for a coffee to get to meet us and the wonderful community in Lisbon.

Get in touch by messaging us:

Please RSVP to reserve your spot. If you can’t make it please change your RSVP so that your spot can go to someone else.

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