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“Stop Running A Charity, and Start Running a Business!”

How to get paid what you’re worth when quoting clients

Most business owners find that by the end of a project or a job, they have either made very little, or in some cases, no money at all. In the worst cases business owners even lose money. If you’re working long hours to give away your time and hard earned money, you’re running a charity NOT A BUSINESS!

Think about this…

Have you recently submitted a quote to a client and felt you priced it too low?

Have you quoted clients in the past only to have lost money or barely broken-even on the project?

Do you quote clients with what you think is high, only to have your profit margin eaten away by unforeseen delays, revisions or expenses?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to see this!

Whether you are a freelancer or run an agency, getting your quotes right can mean the difference between growing and running a successful business, or going back to the doldrums of a regular 9-5 job.

In this presentation we are going to run you through:

– The top reasons freelancers lose money on quotes

– The 8 steps to quoting success

– The tools you can use to help you

What you’ll have achieved by the end of it

By the end of this talk you should be able to use my 8 step process to get your project quotes right the first time and never lose money again.

You will also have a better understanding of the variables that can negatively impact your quotes and how to keep them in mind when you are pricing your services.

Gain the confidence to ask for what you are worth from your clients, by arming you with the facts you need to support your asking price.

About Branko Mijatovic

Branko is a Freelance Marketing and Operations Consultant, and Entrepreneur who has been nomadic since March 2015.

After spending over a decade in operations and human resources management for the largest retail chain in Australia. Branko decided to cast off the shackles of the standard 9-5 and pursue his passion for travel, marketing and latin dancing.

Having experienced his own ups and downs as a freelancer, he found a way to help other freelancers like him improve their business by learning key skills and gaining the confidence to ask for what they are worth from their clients.

Having recently wrapped up a project as head of Operations and HR with a multi-million dollar software startup in Shenzhen, China – he is currently driving the digital re-launch of a much loved Australian animated TV series for kids. As part of his passion for helping other entrepreneurs, he also develops tools and resources to help them run their businesses profitably and effectively.

Currently based out of Lisbon, Portugal.

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