NomadTalks – Hacking the gig economy by Justin West

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Join us for Justin West’s talk, Hacking the gig economy – How to hire freelancers to leverage your time.

Justin West has a team of eight people that do his job for him. He’ll tell you how he went from a struggling content writer to simply copying and pasting for a couple hours per week and making more money. Using sites like Freelancer and Upwork, he built up his team. 

Best of all, he built in repeatable processes to make hiring and training quick and easy, all using free tools from Google. He went through a lot of frustration and learned some lessons anyone can apply to areas of their job or business.

His goal is that by the end of this talk you can identify an area that you can outsource and do so cheaply and easily. Join us at Nomad Takeover with hOurSpace.

See you on Tuesday!

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