Digital Nomads Meetup and Sunset Drinks

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We’ll have a casual drink at the Jardim do Torel. BYOB since (for the newcomers) this is not a bar, but a viewpoint where many people who live in Lisbon hang out to enjoy a spectacular sunset over the city.

There aren’t any stores right by the park so it’s better to buy your drinks (don’t forget to ask for cups!) and bring them with you, however, there’s a small bar at the lower level so you can still get your drinks here if you forgot 😉

There’s also a huge fountain in the lower level that has been converted into a swimming pool so if you fancy a dip, bring your swimming gear!

Once the first people arrive I will post a picture and description in the comments so you’ll know exactly where we’re sitting/ standing. We’ll be meeting and hanging out at the garden level since this is the place with the best view.

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