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Hello Everyone!

Winter has inevitably arrived in Lisbon and the nights are getting colder and colder. Since the heating systems here are…well, not the most efficient, the best way to stay warm is to come out for a drink! So join us coming Thursday the 30th for our next meetup!

It will be at Casa Independente, a place that Google describes as a “Hotspot in an apartment with a terrace drawing a young, stylish crowd for cocktails & live music”. So yeah, it almost goes without saying, but it is definitely THE place to be seen at on a Thursday night! Especially surrounded by the hip and stylish group of people that is our community.

Everyone is welcome, seasoned nomad and newbies alike.

Casa Independente is close to the metro station Intendente (green line).

When you enter, walk up the stairs to the first floor, there turn left to find the “”Salão Tigre” (Tiger Room). That’s where you’ll find us.

It looks like this:

Check them out >

Make sure you have cash on you because they only accept local debit cards.

See you all there!

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