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Reiki Rainbow Energetic Healing bestows an insight to Balance & Alternative Healing for everyone. Revive by Positive, Holistic, Mindfulness practices & Complimentary approach.

For more information & book a session email: [email protected]

Reiki Rainbow Energetic Healing – Follow Your Heart By Reiki Master Teacher (Completed required sessions, Meditation & Pendulum Course), Mindfulness – Belief Clearing – NLP Practitioner, Existential Well-being Counseling: A Person-centered Experiential Approach – KU Leuven, Researcher, Corporate Trainer, Creative & Academic Coach, Conduct Mindfulness workshops, Poet, Author – Editor of Anthology ‘Gratitude, Good News, & Guidelines’ 33 nonfiction stories from writers across the globe.

For more information & book a session email: [email protected]

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Heal – Create – Grow – Thrive – Abundance – Growth Mindset – Gratitude

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