Impact of Reiki Treatments (Hands-on Energetic Healing) and Existential Well-Being Counseling

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Sharing the published research journal 2020: The Impact of Reiki Treatments
(Hands-on Energetic Healing) and Existential Well-Being Counseling in
reducing Stress and Improving the Well-Being and Quality of Life of Young People


This research focuses on mind-body emotions and reveals the essence of bringing balance through Reiki Energetic Healing (Hands-on Healing) and Existential Well-being Counseling. The focus of this research were nine participants from aged 18 – 40 who volunteered, could understand the purpose of the research and looking into living a balance in his or her life by unblocking, filtering, and recognizing thoughts and clearing blockage in Chakras through Reiki Energetic Healing. Existential Well-being Counseling: A Person-centered Experiential Approach were provided for three participants which resulted positive along with Reiki Energetic Healing. The significance of this study brings awareness of holistic and alternative way of Energy healing through infusing the body with charged magnetic energy from the practitioner’s own field through support, love, compassion, and respect. The experiential approach focused on the innate wisdom of being human has the tendency to evolve in a forward-moving direction. This approach helped the participant on how to become aware of this deeply felt knowledge by giving attention to his/her body as felt from the inside and to emotions. The person-centered approach encourages building human relationships through empathy, respect and authenticity. Like meditation, Reiki is a passive rather than an active skill-based practice, and both would be more accurately placed in a category of holistic/spiritual healing practice rather than under the interventionist perspective and practice of energy medicine. The research was conducted in Bangkok, Thailand. This is a Qualitative Research where nine participants filled in participant forms about themselves and three other forms after every Reiki session. The treatments were conducted by three Reiki Master Teachers and one Reiki Master who volunteered to support and provide Hands-on healing in order to gather sufficient information about improvements and avoid being bias. The Existential Well-being Counseling encouraged in developing attitudes for well-being and quality of life. The Reiki treatments have illuminated a valuable insight that each respondent received three treatments and have understood, becoming aware, felt relaxed, healing, healed and self-evaluated the progress. Some participants had a keen interest to learn Reiki, practice Meditation and became aware about the necessary facilitation of well-being and relationships after feeling and seeing the results through awareness and counseling. The two-way approach, doing a Reiki session and existential well-being counseling is beneficial, essential, and effective.

Keywords: Holistic; Psychology; Mindfulness; Reiki Energetic Healing; Quality of Life; Emergency Well-being Counseling; Healing; Balance; Existential Well-being Counseling; Well-being; Education; Health; Spiritual and Biological Education

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