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  •  Your stories inspire not a few but millions whose messages send out that by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, one can change the outer aspects of their lives.

Rachana Sachasiri, Marketing Teacher (Assumption University), Bangkok, Thailand

  • Being a younger sibling of Bhavna, I simply hate reading.  However, whenever I read her stories/articles it makes me go to this illusionary world making things all fresh and bright.  It makes me want to read more and more. Keep it ...
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A lifelong journey of learning

7th December 2010

Our classrooms can be regarded as a factory where students from various backgrounds come and take the essence of the spoon fed experience.  This is where facts, information and theoretical knowledge have been passed on from generation unto generation of students to cultivate learning skills and knowledge necessary for their further studies at universities or colleges.If I was to introduce myself, I ...
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