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TEDx Chiang Mai Speaker 2014 & 2016 – Jon Jandai Interview for Students 2016 by Bhavna K.

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Don’t miss it!

Sustainability, Life, Youth, Ethics, Happiness, Mother Nature, Simplicity & Love. Interview with TEDx Chiang Mai Speaker 2014 & 2016 – Khun Jon Jandai – Pun Pun Farm– Center for Self Reliance (You Tube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZ8ml35MKLo)

Jon Jandai is a Soulful and Positive Persona who shares a glimpse of Life and it’s Simplicity. This video brings Awareness to the Youth on Balance and Self-Sustaining. He has a positive Message for you! This video is for everyone who needs to understand the need to strive for Balance. It’s Creative and Educational bringing a new Perceptive and hoping to change a Perception on understanding how to be Ethical Leaders of your Life and Environment. Cheers!


Bhavz Blog!

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January 20th 2016

I have to share this, vent out and of course clear my Throat & Heart Chakra! This will be long. Phew! After numerous incidents over the years with me and having my students share their concerns and worries about their life, this has to be finally written. I don’t care what Culture and Age you are. Being kind and having gratitude is Universal! Love is for all!!! What better way to write this and if anyone wants to share this, I don’t mind. I have a voice and I will certainly write to bring light to situations. I was motivated to share this as some students, people and young girls and the growing of wiser boys would need this. They could not, so I will. This kind of unwanted situation has motivated me to write a new BOOK – Guidelines, Good News, and Gratitude. Hopefully 2017 this book can be completed with true stories of people who have survived and are happy to be alive and have inner peace and are content.

Please remind yourself that your life is a gift! You can DIE and be born again. I feel I am born and learning every day. During the Weekend on Sunday evening while I was buying Salad, Lemongrass and Butterfly Pea drink one of these Aunties tapped my back and said, “Hi Bhavna! I answer: Hi Aunty and there she continues: Where is Mom? My answer: She is in China, then I am interrupted by another question: When is the GOOD NEWS! Blah Blah…I obviously have no answer for silly questions and don’t accommodate to any because every day is GOOD NEWS! Mentors, Teachers, and many people whose work reflects bringing change are no less than a Father or Mother – Metaphorically. Each one of us have sleepless nights and worry to bring out the best in someone. Otherwise why do it. It’s very easy to be inquisitive and use your Energy in the wrong place and tell people how they should breathe and/or live their life.Sigh!

For Heaven sake: Go Meditate, Travel, Do Reiki, Go Salsa, Go Dance, Sing, Yoga, Learn NLP, Write or do anything creative to subside the anguish and congestion you have – Enlighten yourself and GO LIVE. You truly deserve it. Don’t portray and judge others. Live and Let Live. I can’t even count how many children or adults I have ever taught. Over thousands! Their worries, success, and love has certainly made me learn about many things and accelerated the desire to always follow my path. Stop all these limitations! Because you don’t feel the inner peace you project annoyance from the outside. You need help! Love yourself and allow others around you to shine their path with Creativity. Why does it bother you so much if I am living my SANE life and not in your way! There has been many great work and collaborations that people may have never even dreamed of doing or can do. The Youth are learning and growing whilst some are stuck and not embracing a CHANGE!

Your existence to shining your inner light and good work is Good news! Some elderly have not changed at all – 20 years ago they were the same and now they are too. They don’t think and speak, especially when you’re in your personal space – content and buying groceries. LOL! Stop scrutinizing a beautiful relationship a man or woman can have some day – things take place in the diving timing, have you ever seen an Academically Challenged person grow and feel empowered – that’s good news, stop developing fear in the youth that they don’t know how to be their true selves because of Religion or your silly expectations, stop manipulation with yourself projection, opinions, and self created drama and parade with your opinions when its not needed. There is NEVER only one GOOD NEWS – Marriage! Good news is HOPE, LOVE, COMPASSION, EMPATHY, POSITIVE THINKING AND SURVIVING. Good news is understanding dimension of elevation, having Cancer and fighting it, having being married for over 10 years then ending up being a single mom, good news is when a couple separates so they can make ends meet, good news is when you work so hard for something and nothing happens in the way you deserve or think and fall out that you have to start all over with a new IDEA, good news is when a child or student tells you how much he or she loves you, good news is when we have light workers -healers beside you, good news is the spread of people like a Family who appreciate you, have gratitude and care for you, good news is when a stranger has unconditional love for you, good news is when you’re able to make a difference in people’s life, good news is when you have dedicated most of your time to a progressive humanity, good news is when you can laugh, forgive, and forget, and good news is meeting the real you and being content with YOU with love. The good news is the ability to love, care and sustain without judgement. Good news is when a person’s parents have passed away and has the ability to live following his or her dreams, good news is when a person is being adopted and learning to make the world a better place.

We only don’t have have ONE GOOD NEWS! Good news is being ALIVE so you can respect, have gratitude and have a life learning lesson to Blossom and meet new people, whilst sustaining the old and letting go of negative minded and trouble makers with compassion.

GOOD NEWS is we can feel HOPE with our Humanity as people have their own journey and lessons. These are issues of people who have come across that they need to be shared for their thrive, focus, and shining again. When you meet people after a long time – learn to greet them properly with compassion or empathy or simply keep silent. Inspiring Masters, Scholars, Healers/Light workers, Philosophers, and many aspiring people address and are constantly working on Compassion and Self-worth. If you cannot say something nice to someone – just walk away. Love and Light to you! :)  

January 3rd 2016

Gosh, welcome to 2016! Hope your step forward to a new year was peaceful and memorable. The intuitive channeling brings creative stories and helps being Mindful. Wishing everyone a better Today, Tomorrow, and a great learning from all you have gone through as you are truly a winner. Follow your Heart! Love and Light!

November 28th 2015

Hi Everyone! Cheers to a brand new day with new aspirations! The last few days have been nostalgic. I have to start to write my first ever journal on Synchronicity! How one says something out of the blue and how things seems to simply happen then comes to a halt taking your breath away making you feel all miserable, yet happy.

Sometimes, there are times that no matter how vocal you are and voice out many things, there will be some things that you are just trying to make sense of or either going with the flow or simply questioning what happened that it ended or it happened in a certain way. I guess, writing a personal journal will be able to perhaps some day fill in the loop hole of things happening. A soul connection and sometimes be well connected that sometimes it simply comes to a pause rather than ending. You may wonder for months, what next? That’s a challenge and holding up to your inner peace is a bigger challenge as to make sure you contemplate that you are whole and part of the wholeness and light. Phew!!!! Have a great weekend everyone and see the bright side and for all who knows start writing. :)


November 16th 2015

Tick Tock…Globe is hopping! Soon New Year’s around the corner. But firstly, let’s take a moment to pay respect for the lost lives around us around the Globe. I am speechless and obviously no profound words in a dictionary can explain the behavior of power and evil acts. I simply wish that it all ends. ENDS! Love and Respect prevails. Prayers.

Wishing everyone strength and gratitude. Let’s be grateful for every moment of happiness in our lives and stop the blame game. Love and Light. Have a nice week in every aspect of your life.

October 21st 2015

Thinking out loud – HELLO! So today everyone is wishing each other the prediction on Back to the Future :) 21/10.2015. How time flies when I watched this movie when I was in high school. How is everyone is doing these past few weeks? With the retrograde and having planets doing their waltz along and making us nudge with them. So far so good… an experience and learning has been embraced make it another perk of life’s lesson.

Recently, I completed the NLP Course – Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner and it was great FUN. A learning with inspiring and new people and understanding more about Psychology, Coaching and Hypnotic Language was fantastic. It’s nice to be back and sharing what’s going on and knowing more about you – reader. Thank you for your comments and encouragement. Wishing everyone a positive week with a nudge to move forward making your dreams come true and not letting anyone taking away your LIGHT.


September 6th 2015

Greetings to the charming world! I hope all of you are coping with the energy shift. I have been having a battle with it and trying to move ahead getting the important things done. Our Earth needs so much of attention and many seem to take pleasure in ignorance. The gravity has been so compassionate to us to hold us and embrace us with necessary resources that we can take pleasure of. Yet, many seek path to violence, ego, ignorance, unrealistic power, revenge, and what not. I am speechless and still contemplating the fact that even when you try and truly from your heart serve with gratitude, from many you receive negative responses and emotions. Having the least or no expectations helps you move forward. And when you finally muster up all the courage to let go, they become Energy Suckers and something keeps happening to get you back in their drama and game.

Well, I am also learning the hard way, and surely had the pleasure to let go of many things and people. I feel detached and compassionate not only for them but for our humanity. The news on Refugees has simply questioned the honor and slight empowerment that many have and have still become outrageous and forgotten that we are all humans. The Earth gives place to stay it’s not the other way around!!!

Please, Please, Please, share love and respect with yourself, family, friends, and strangers and remember being good brings abundance not being selfish, stingy, and always picking a fight or being rude to the people who are actually always there for you may not always be there. It does not matter who you are. Respect goes both ways, and LOVE sees no age. You just LOVE. So be grateful and if you CANNOT, leave the person alone and allow him or her to prosper with abundance and at least bless him or her.

May UNIVERSE poke that ray of light into your system so you know what you have been up to and how you can progress and help others progress too. Love and Light. :) Prayers for all the Refugees, Ecosystem and our human race.

August 9th 2015

What’s up world! The whole point of having this website is to connect and networking to the soul. Writing is just not an expression but a way of letting go and sharing. Sometimes, certain emotions are accumulated and the best way to let go of the inner chills is writing. How have each one of you been?

Reiki – Energetic Healing Practice is going pleasant and so much to learn about life and its perks. With the Changes of Planets and having the Energies creating an unnecessary emotional chaos, it’s the acceptance and wondering – where this is going. For the past few days, I have been wondering…where am I going? Each day I am taking a step forward for sure, but seriously where is this going? Many things easier said than done. And some things easier done than simply doing the airy talks. Balance and not fighting or having this inner battle with yourself will be the key words now. Hold on to positive thoughts and know that everything is happening for a reason. We may not know initially, but the UNIVERSE does. How easy to say, right? Have FAITH ;)

I have been lighting a candle, writing, developing assignments, and meditating to keep mindful. Mindfulness is helping, only when the shadow self likes to make a presence trying to jeopardize what has been long worked for. Have a great weekend and remember changes are good because it brings us forward to more magic moments.

June 29th 2015

Good Morning! Glad to share new writing piece where ‘Levitating Inside the Elephant’ was a great joy being a Butterfly. Thanks to Big Chilli Magazine and the Bangkok Women Writers Group. Do click on the link to read further.
June 2015 story in our ‘Monsoon Midnights’ series by Bhavna Khemlani, about the journey of a magical butterfly inside the three headed elephant… Read and enjoy! http://issuu.com/thebigchilli/docs/the_bigchilli_june_2015./1.… pp144-148 ( for optimal reading pleasure it is always recommended to go to he website link where you can scroll and magnify to your hear’s delight).

Have a great week and welcoming the month of July soon!!! ;)

June 13th 2015

This is like amazingly about two months since I initiated to share anything. By the way, hello everyone!!! Well, looks like Earth caught me up into a well of materialistic responsibilities. I miss writing, miss every bit of it and have not stop writing. I do find time to weave the pattern of creativity. It doesn’t matter what genre I am writing but the fact that the flow is simply nudging my entire system makes me feel therapeutic. The best outcome of this is, there is no silence and burden of unexpressed feelings and words. I am drawn into the stream of a psyche journey where a simple handshake can bring about a sensation of strong connection with someone. Has they every happened to you? I am sure I am not crazy, LOL.

It does not happen to everyone I shake hands with, but just with someone who may share a strong bond with me, without me ever knowing that person. A few months ago, I encountered that and since then the unexpressed wisdom, connection, soul connection, and/or what universal journey I have to accomplish has been a mystery I am learning everyday. It simply feels like I may have known this person an entire lifetime. Sometimes, what I sense or sensed just comes before me like a reconfirmation. I tend to brush it away and let go to understand the value of detachment, however, when the soul connection is so strong, you seem to want more and live each day more with the understanding of this divine relationship that may not have any specific name. Whatever, it is, it is genuine, compassion, and I do love every bit of it. I wish and manifest to the Universe to bring close ties closer and weave the pattern of progress in the direction of passion, love, abundance, and kindness which can only make people’s life better and bring inner peace.

For now, I am still and will still understand this new mystery that has awakened a new journey of friendship. Love and Light everyone. Enjoy being you and don’t fear of being no one else but YOU.

April 15th 2015

Hello world! Every time when one decides to take a step forward, something would happen to test one’s patience. Well, those are the perks of life and a big test. I am sure it happens to many people including me. I tend to take a pause because I am stopped and all these questions surface to question my ability to move forward and eventually I do move forward. It can be hard and various aspects can create hurdles but the hurdles are only messing with your mind and when you see and feel that light shining through a tiny tunnel you can follow your heart. What a roller coaster ride!

I developed this website so I could bring life to words that are floating around and perhaps the glory of words could help anyone reading this. If you want to share, why wait. SHARE IT! You have now and thinking a million times can just block or blur your creativity. Being an educator can be a challenge and furthering your education be a biggest challenge when you have financial problems. It’s not only me but many out there. Well, I have been telling myself, in time everything will sort out because there is abundance and that abundance is waiting for you. Remind yourself what a long way you have come and its been a crazy and fun ride and rise to better things.

I am glad I could spend some time sharing something with you and hope to do it soon. Smile and Wink to obstacles. Abundance and love is just around and inside you.

March 16th 2015

Namaste everyone! How are the beautiful souls doing? Alright, I know it has been a while since I shared anything. I was hibernating again and was quite keen to not come out of the hibernation shell. Too many things to comprehend and also been learning to DEAL with so called thoughts. Just glad and waiting to pass through this journey of my lifetime. I have met wonderful people and desires to life are surely decreasing as I learn that nothing can surpass divine timing. So no point crying over spilt milk but learning how to ACCEPT. Easier said than done. I am consumed with a battle of ACCEPTANCE; however, as days pass by, it’s getting easier and applying energy at the right place is the best solution.

Have a great week and I guess taking a break from the world is a great idea and attuning to yourself. Cheers!


February 13th 2015 

Time is rolling, LOL! Obviously, we are rolling too…been a while since I shared something and greeting everyone out there. Hope all is well at your end and sending you healing energy to let you know that eventually everything will be fine. IT WILL BE! I have been experiencing fluctuating emotions that I can’t comprehend about that energy shifts and energy from people around can be a challenge as well as a learning experience. Being a Reiki practitioner is quite an amazing adventure.

Recently, my new article ‘The Uncaged Moments’ was published on Imantra – online magazine. It is about living life feeling liberated and overcoming and emotional turmoil. It’s a positive and inspiring article and hoping you would like it, which in turn which may help you achieving your dreams and living life passionately. Love and Light!

The link to the magazine is - http://www.imantra.org/issue-9/issue-9.html  (pages: 36-41)


January 28th 2015

How’s everyone doing? Blessings for the universe and all who are connected to it. This platform on Earth surrounds us with great vibrations and many great things can happen with positive and affectionate thoughts. I am sharing some wise and positive words by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. There are many positive and spiritual people around us who can only think of making this world a better place. Love and Light.

Q: I feel very lonely. I need someone to support me whom I can rely on, but no one is ready for full commitment. What do I do?

Sri Sri: Any companionship when it goes from a place of wanting and lack to contributing, is long lasting. You came into this world all alone. And when you go from here you are going to go alone. Don’t try to run away from loneliness. It is a blessing in disguise. This is a time to be centered. Push away everything around you. You will find that you’re the scintillating energy of the Universe. You are the center of the consciousness. You’re the ultimate Truth. This loneliness is only one step close to that.

Loneliness is because you want to grab something from outside. Trying to fill your loneliness, looking for a companion, anything outside is not going to work. Know that you are on this planet to give something and then pack up and leave. That’s it! You have come here to give something, take nothing from here. When you get into this knowledge, when you get into the core of existence you will never feel lonely at all. You will feel the consciousness around you is all life. Then everyone is your friend here. However they behave, it is immaterial. From your side, they are your friends. You become like a mother. The mother never minds whether the kid is crying or throwing pranks, or throwing tantrums… She doesn’t mind if the baby is smiling or throwing tantrums, still she feels the baby is mine. You will feel so big, you feel that this whole Universe is mine, everybody is mine. And this is the way to get rid of loneliness. Not searching for someone who will match your mindset. It will match only for a while, because nature has made you so unique. If you see your thumbprints, each one of you have got a different thumb print. That itself shows that you are unique. You will find a partner who is very good and after, seven or thirty or forty years, you will feel like you were never together! You wonder how we could live together for forty years and then one day say we are so different, we don’t match each other!

Come on, wake up! Wake up and see. Don’t look for someone and something to fill your vacuum. There is a song from Kabir which says, ‘my beloved comes to me in my dream’. When you think this whole world is a dream, you shake hands with your beloved. Once you embrace your beloved, that is it. There is no more loneliness. No more loneliness anywhere, ever. This is the spiritual path. I am not against you having a relationship, a family, getting married. No, you can have your spouse, you can have your companion, but not from the space of wanting something from them. Imagine a partnership where you are content and you are only contributing to the other person. Such a relationship will last longer. So this way, sit and meditate, listen to bhajans, listen to songs. Your beloved is with you. You just have to look inward, that’s it. Once you find your beloved within you, inside, you find him or her everywhere in this creation.

January 7th 2015

Welcoming everyone to a bright and beautiful new year where better days and inner peace will surely bring the pleasure of mental peace. It was nice to start the year with good news when I heard that ‘Monsoon Midnights’ reached the Amazon Best Sellers list. That was delightful and of course feeling grateful. The Bangkok Women Writers Group is thrilled and it happened because of you. Thank you.

Amazon Best Sellers list:
It’s because of you! Good vibes and blessings. Thanks! Monsoon Midnights is no. 85 on the Amazon Bestseller List in Travel/Literary. Amazing! The Bangkok Women Writers Group is thrilled. For those who haven’t gotten their copy – get it here
Monsoon Midnights is no. 85 on the Amazon Bestseller List in Travel/Literary. Amazing!

December 23rd 2014

What’s up! Our book launch on 14 December at the British Club was a beautiful celebration of the book and its authors and illustrators.
You can buy the book here: http://www.amazon.com/Monsoon-Midnights-storie…/…/B00QVB9O90 and you can also gift it to a friend who would like to know what Bangkok looks like to a group of international women writers, far away from the cliches presented in the media. Do let us know what you think? Thank you readers and friends. :) Happy Holidays.

December 17th 2014

Hello everyone! Hope all is well. I would like to express condolence for the lost lives happening around. This is quite sad :( and simply leaves you to wonder about people’s thoughts and actions. Prayers. Love and Light.

On the other hand, I was notified by a friend (poet) that I received second place for a poetry contest in Poetry Soup. I was surprised and it was a great news. The least expected and quite encouraging.

Challenge Title ‘Words – The Heart of Imagination?’
Contest Judged:  11/14/2014 12:00:00 AM
Information About the Contest
Sponsored by: Brian Johnston
Contest Winner Medal 2 My Heart Bhavna khemlani

My Heart

I took a nap ignoring the silent whispers,
The whispers woke me up from the 
continuous bickering,
How easy it was to lie and pretend taking a nap,
With every lie my nose got longer and my heart 
felt heavy,
I was told I am Pinocchio and if I lie I will have
a longer nose,
I was lying to myself and looked away from how it 
felt to only love,
To only love and love where the feelings 
felt beautiful,
Not expecting anything but just that love for you 
which slithers through my entire system,
When I accepted that I can’t stop loving you,
I awoke with a perfect nose and my heart 
was still heavy,
But this time it’s heavy with unconditional love,
Let love lose and stop suppressing it said my heart…
Who wants a long nose!

Happy Holidays!

December 7th 2014

Hello guys! Happy Sunday! Today pictures will speak.



November 28th 2014

Can’t believe how time flies! Completed the 21 days of free meditation challenge of Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey. Feels quite good and how thoughts ponder around. It all made me wonder about my life and a critical reflective thinking was put into it. Well, I am no superwoman nor a made of stone. So, there are times how people simply speak without thinking and how they can take nice people for granted. I have just had enough! It’s time to roll over and of course the gratitude to all the good things and how great people have crossed path in my life that makes it worth memories. So many little things happen that certainly becomes an eye opener to how one can see life and simply live wholeheartedly and embrace dreams rather than spend most of his or her time bickering and having my energy drained. Hence, it’s not worth it! Breathe and things do get around. By the way, Happy Thanksgiving! Be grateful to every little thing that brings a smile to your face rather than those expectations from people who don’t understand how to be grateful. It’s your life that you can flourish and for all who knows, the positive vibes you share brings abundance. Cheers and surely you can be jolly!

November 25th 2014

What’s up! Bangkok’s weather is getting better and breezier. How cool is that! So need the heat to tone down so one can indulge in the cooler days. Read this in the morning. Something I was just thinking about a while ago. Read and reflect on the great things that happens in your life! Love and Light. Stay strong and be positive.

I thank all those

November 24, 2014 by

I thank all those who laughed at my dreams;
You have inspired my imagination.
I thank all who wanted to squeeze me into their scheme;
They have taught me the value of freedom.

I thank all who have lied to me;
You have shown me the power of truth.
I thank all those who have not believed in me;
You have expected me to move mountains.
I thank all those who have written me off;
You have aroused my courage.

I thank all those who have left me;
They gave me room to create.
I thank all those who have betrayed me and abused;
You have let me be vigilant.
I thank all those who have hurt me;
They have taught me to grow in pain.

More importantly, I thank all
Who love me as I am;
They give me the strength to live.

November 18th 2014

Hello everyone! How is it going? One of my close friends has launched a poetry audio book! Readers check this out and you should definitely download it and he’s is pretty good and always inspiring. The link to his poetry is https://kjbleedsink.bandcamp.com/album/thanon-chan-days - Quoted by KJ “The album’s called “Thanon Chan Days” in honor of that untamable road I lived on in Thailand all those years and where many of these poems were written.” Check it out! Inspire yourself.

Anyway, will catch up with updates in a few days! Love and light everyone. Happy writing and stay positive.

November 2nd 2014

Welcome to the month of November! Happy Sunday everyone. I was missing my website and glad to be back to share something. The weather in Bangkok has been interesting with raining and the breezy Sunday has gotten me nostalgic with various notions. So, it was a great time to write an article and a poem. Writing is a great medium channeling creativity and it feels soothing. We have become slaves of wishes and it’s a whole loads of work to start letting things go step by step. The feeling of letting go eventually feels lighter and yet the residues of hope stay there. Again for another wish to have a dream come true.

The whole point is use the energy at right places to let the right things take place. For many things we hope for may not manifest at this point because it’s not the right time yet and/or something better is stored up. Have a happy weekend, whilst I gear up to complete my article for an online magazine. Cheers and Blessings.

October 21st 2014

Good evening from Bangkok, Thailand! Wow, it’s over a month and how I have missed my readers. Thank you for your love and questions. Have been having loads in my mind, heart, and soul. I traveled to India to meet children at an NGO and conducting a one day workshop. The feeling has been amazing and nostalgic. It was surely a learning experience and I got to know more about myself and priorities. After that, traveling to Dharamshala for His Holiness Dalai Lama Spiritual teaching was soulful and more like I have been waiting for a lifetime or many lifetimes for this. I loved it and every bit that connects all of us in this universe.

During the time spent with new people and at a church, I recognized yet again that I am in love. LOL. An unexpected scenario and one realizes how much one can love the goodness in people. It’s all about compassion and it doesn’t matter where a person is. Memories and moments live. Life is a journey of experiences until the day comes and only memories live. Someone I really care for lost his mom and it only makes me wonder how we are all traveling on our time line with compassion and embracing our dreams along the way. Love never stops flowing and one should always love humanity and make this a better place for us and for the future. :)

Moreover, in the month of Diwali, wishing everyone a bright, passionate, and joyous Diwali. May your soul and life be lifted with brightness, compassion, and empathy. Love, Light and Blessings!

September 2nd 2014

Goooodddd Morningggg!

I am amazed of how television has evolved and how many various types of series are aired. How cool is that, yet, what a bugger. One that has recently surprised me, updated me, and made me wonder in awe has been ’7 Deadly Sins.’ The first episode ‘Gluttony’ is for you to see and decide. At first I was contemplating on watching the second episode, by then it got me! I want to know more about people and their aspirations. The second episode ‘Envy’ was interesting and showcases the lives of real people, their dreams, and their jobs. Literally, living in someone’s else’s skin. Guys, watch it. Gives you mixed feelings, but you would surely watch the next awaited ‘Sin.’

It’s interesting and there are surely many things to learn from. Have a lovely day!

August 30th 2014

How’s everyone doing! Nearing the end of the month and seems like with a wink more than half the year came and left. People came and left, new teaching semesters paraded and left, and there was an emotional ride with writing. Where do I start? Hmm…firstly, thank you for your encouraging comments and for those who asked, how do I set my mind to write. Well here it is – There is no one best way. I feel this flow of energy and because I am a dreamer, emotional, and something more, it just happens. Sometimes, I meditate (that really helps), I stroll down my balcony back and forth looking at the sky, stars, moon, or at times the cloudy sky (my family thinks it is quite funny, mostly, and the breeze just puts everything into place), join a writing group or a book club, and as a Reiki practitioner, I keep myself grounded. Sometimes, I just take a break and become more observant loving the nature and natural moments of people which also enhances the writing flow. There are other ways to get the writing flow, which I may share later, next month. I feel all this is just like a miracle and  writing has been a passionate ride. Hope that help’s for those who asked me how to bring focus.

On the other hand, since this year has started, I have read quite a few books, besides academics some of which I did read are, Persepolis (read it again), The Shadow of the Wind, The Angel’s Game, Crucible, and Fifty Shades of Grey (Yes, I read it, lol) etc. Reading is good. It takes one into another world.

Anyway, I shall take a pause now, and have a cup of warm water with honey and mint leaves. I need another stroll in the balcony to showcase another breezy late evening for I am missing someone dearly. The stroll will evoke another writing piece. Thank you for the wishes and support. Love and Light.

August 15th 2014

Hola! Today is about honoring oneself. I do forget at times that I have come this far and I still have my journey to complete. Who says, living a life of a human is easy. I am constantly reminding myself about the goodness, dreams, loving relationships, soul journey, soul mates, twin flames, people come and go and at times I break down too. After all, I am just a human with a heart. So far, it’s been an interesting journey and I am grateful for it.

People tend to shut down and eventually feel there is no point in saying anything. The truth is, shutting down only bridges a larger gap between a person and living positively. Something that doesn’t serve purpose is always better to let go and cutting cords of attachment of people who are only harming one’s journey from pursuing one’s dreams and creating a distraction from elevating  oneself is not a humble thing one can do to honor oneself. Some people would not get what he/she is trying to say and then he/she comes a long way living in misery. The question is ‘WHY!’ Sending love and light to everyone and embracing inner peace is always a goal to nurture one’s soul. It’s imperative to do so. Gratitude and sharing feelings is a brave and generous thing to do. However, there are times when one doesn’t owe anyone any sort of explanation because in many cases one doesn’t need to do so. There are many nice people out there and who care and respect other people’s feelings.

The utmost importance is first ‘Honor your feelings with love and light.’

July 24th 2014 

Hello everyone! Updates and feeling blessed
Novel – The Classroom: Ashley and her Mystical Tale and Short story book – The Wisher’s Well is available at ‘Books Actually’ bookstore, Singapore. Books Actually is one of the must see bookstores in the world. Do get your copy – now at your place.
BooksActually – No. 9 Yong Siak Street, Tiong Bahru Estate, Singapore 168645, t / +65 6222 9195

Will write soon! Have a great week-end ahead. Love and Light.

July 15th 2014

How is everyone doing? Is the world awake or snoring to glory? I would like to send love and light to everyone. Been reading news updates and truly sad with what the world is becoming. If inspiration is knocking my door, sadness comes for help and yearns to be set free. Prayers and moral support for people around the world and many who are suffering from the fear of war and/or been hurt.

Poems I would like to share with everyone: Electrifying & Feelings

Photo: Electrifying :)   Enjoy!     Photo: Feelings :)

I shall be attending a conference so would be travelling again. Will write soon again with updates. Love and Light. Spread creativity everywhere knocking everyone’s walls down.  :)

July 7th 2014

What’s up world! Been a while since I did share anything in the blog. Well, I believe I was in my cocoon manifesting the beauty of life and dealing with situations that could sometimes drain your energy. More like, suddenly, you get calls from people whom you thought don’t exist and only call to whine and moan. I am practicing to BURP on situations like that so I don’t have to waste precious energy on people who are not willing to change and/or are just breathing the positive energy flow that you share. Being human isn’t easy and once your up there, there would be times that people would try to pull you down.  Balance is the key and I know Angels are looking after all of us. I sense the good vibes and appreciate all the good times.

Feels nice to share and get back to the blog. Hoping you guys are doing well and always remember to chuck out people who don’t matter. You’re on your path for a reason and the best is right in the corner. Love and light. ;)

June 21st 2014


Hello friends, students, parents…and to all the youth
Please read and don’t miss this opportunity. Parents who know their children have something to share and do like to write, let them know about this. You got to be between (15-24). If you have any questions and/or need mentoring do inbox me to assist you from the curiosity. Deadline has been shifted to 15th July 2014.

About the Award
The ASEAN Young Writers Award is the region’s literary prize jointly established in Thailand by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and the Organizing Committee of the S.E.A. Write Award in collaboration with the S.E.A. Write network and the Faculty of Liberal Arts of Mahidol University.

1) Candidates must be youth aged 15 to 24 (as per the criteria set by UNESCO ) on the date theirs work are submitted for competition.
2) A candidate must be a national of ASEAN member countries: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.
3) A candidate must be a qualified short story writer in his or her national and/or English language.

Selection Criteria
The same criteria are applied throughout the region in selecting and judging the submitted entries as follows:

1) The entry must be in the form of a short story (no more than 3,000 words or 10 A4 pages), written in national and/orEnglish language.
2) The entry must be the candidate’s own work, containing constructive content.
3) The entry must be an original work by the author, not a translation or adaptation of any previous work. In case of copyright infringement, the candidate shall be disqualified and solely responsible for the liabilities.
4) The entry must not have been previously submitted for, or won, any competition.
5) The contestant may submit the short stories in both national and English language, provided that they are different pieces of writing and of distinct content.
6) The Organizing Committee reserves the right to publish and promote the submitted works.
7) The Judging Committee’s decisions are final.

Submission of Entries:
1) The entry must be submitted from 1 May to 30 June 2014.
2) The entry must not be more than 3,000 words (approximately 10 A4 pages) in length, typeset in font Cordia New 16pt.
3) The story’s title must be indicated at the top of the first page in Bold typeface.
4) Every submission must include the contestant’s real name- surname (pseudonyms not permitted), age, grade/class in school or college (or, in case of a graduate, occupation and workplace), address where the contestant may be contacted, e-mail address and telephone number. All this information should be typed at the bottom of the last page of the submission. The Organizing Committee shall not return the submitted manuscript.
5) The entry must be submitted in 1 hard copy and as Microsoft Word file (.doc) and Portable Document Format file (.pdf) recorded in a CD or DVD along with a filled Application Form and a certified copy of the contestant’s identification card.
6) The entry must be submitted by mail or in person to the Office of the ASEAN Young Writers Award Secretariat, 23/15 Soi Ruamruedee, Ploenchit Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10300 (In case the entry is submitted by mail, the postmark date shall be considered) or email to aseanyoungwriters@gmail.com

Go through the website for more details.


June 19th 2014

Sometimes, other people convey the message better, especially when one feels the exact thing. For me, that is today. Super crazy with emotions, energy, thoughts, and of course loads to do. Multi-tasking is the ideal term for today. God Bless and I am sure many people go through the blaze of thoughts and emotions, but choose to ignore and be quiet about it. Don’t be. Share and there is light everywhere. Shine and spread the positivity. Something for all of you today:

The future becoming present

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From now on – and for some centuries to come – the Universe will help the warriors of the light, and boycott all those who are full of prejudices about people who dare to follow their dreams.

The energy of the Earth needs renovating.

New ideas need space.

The body and the soul need new challenges.

The future becomes present and all the dreams – except those that involve prejudices – will enjoy the chance to manifest themselves.

Whatever is important will remain; whatever is useless will disappear.

For that reason, when lots of people gather to give their opinion on how we should act or behave, we must ignore them, as our life on Earth leaves us no time for explaining everything we do.

And we must also avoid commenting on the behavior of others: in order to have faith in our own path, we have no need to prove that the path of the other is wrong.

Those who act like this have no trust in their own steps.


June 13th 2014

Hello everyone :)

After all the zzzzzz, nagging, curiosity, questions from writers and students…blah blah…yes I got that stuff now – Instagram (storiesbybhavk) – it’s like an adventurous maze – social media# cool stuff and loads of hashtags

The existence of human life teaches us the essential relationship of cords. Whether it comes from watching supernatural television series, or from people we meet or met before. Some cords are better to let go as they serve no purpose and some are to elevate our physical being for a life time positively. It feels as if an electric current flowing into your system gathering and escalating one to a higher level along with it bringing a dose of emotional detoxification. Sometimes also bringing questions of mysterious pathways and soulful memories that can never be forgotten and the soul is waiting for more.


Happy Full Moon and think positive :)

June 4th 2014

Welcome to the month of June! The Gem-in-I greets you with positive notions.

Have a fantastic day and be where you want to be and do what you want to do – your soul speaks, so listen to the whispers, and embrace to the empathy and love from your close ones.


May 19th 2014

Hello Everyone! While watching the Helicopter Land…remembered a conversation between a 10 year old and I yesterday. Am quite speechless yet feel blessed and of course giggling away.

10 year old: Miss Bhavna can I have your DNA?
Me: That’s a big word.
10 year old: I am a big boy now.
Me: Indeed
10 year old: What’s that?
Me: You’re right…you’re a big boy now. Why do you want my DNA?
10 year old: Mutation
Me: What? That’s another big word…Fine you know big words
10 year old: Yes. I do. So, I want to make a clone of you
Me: Clone of me…Um…Hmm…One of me is enough for this world to handle. The Universe has a lot to do already.
10 year old: Why? What does the universe have to do? The universe does less for about you. I still want the DNA…
Me: Okay! Why do you want to do it? Am curious
10 year old: You always teach and leave. I want you to be with me always and never leave.
Me: LOL. I need to sleep, and I need a break! I feel like a Panda..so you like me that much..
10 year old: You can do that here..and yes I do
Me: Hmm…You’re so cute.
10 year old: I know…But still…how do I get the DNA?
Me: LOL…

Have a good week people in the Universe :)

May 5th 2014

Update for a literary event for people who do not know. It’s an interesting event and I am going! Yuppie! Creativity flows and every word has a new melody.



30 MAY – 4 JUNE 2014

AFCC is a festival that brings together content creators and producers with parents, teachers, librarians and anyone interested in quality Asian content for children around the world.
Website: http://afcc.com.sg/ 

April 30th 2014

Whats up people!  How is the heat treating you? Recently, I watched a Bollywood movie in the theatre after a long time: 2 States, Screenplay by Chetan Bhagat – Author. It was a nice movie where every person from various cultures should watch it. Cultural norms and too many rules are only created by people and after all love conquers its way to a person’s heart. Being aware of barriers and stubborn thoughts, a great message of marrying a person from a different cast is being depicted. Even though, the movie had its melodrama and dance moves, 2 States still takes a part of you. The grip through dialogues, music and feeling connected with compassion and humor is superb. Then to my notice, I remembered having met Chetan Bhagat about a year or two years ago in Bangkok. It was a pleasure to meet an inspiring author who surely has stories that could be made into a good Bollywood movie sending a good message to people around. I should now read the book – 2 States: The Story of My Marriage.

On the other hand, today I feel blessed, yet gloomy. Some people come to your life and then got to leave leaving a special memory in your life. Why can’t the people stay or let’s say, they were meant to come and leave a beautiful memory. It’s a mixed feeling and of course beyond your reach to express your thoughts that touch their soul. However, even without expressing, there is a soulful connection. Life and its connections. May the transmission of empathy, and passion touch the other’s mind, body, and soul.

Have a great day!

April 12th 2014

Easter Holidays & Water Festival in Bangkok (Songkran) is a holiday period everyone looks forward to.  An important event on the Buddhist calendar, this water festival marks the beginning of the traditional Thai New Year. The name Songkran comes from a Sanskrit word meaning ‘passing’ or ‘approaching’.  A few days off opens the door for more creative work and socializing. Crawling out of my den and appreciating the day feels good. However, loads of errands need to be completed and suddenly I feel like a superwoman.

The past few days, I have been clinging on this notion and those notions have become pondering thoughts developing an impression which I believe is better to let go. Sometimes, a person would meet new people and for that short period of time he/she would be embraced with unconditional love and respect. Something about the person touches your soul and that person is ready to sail the boat elsewhere. Then one would get a wake up call, thinking of the whole idea was to meet and fulfill the journey only or probably for that short time. At this point of time, a miracle or a prayer answered would do the magic to continue sailing the boat with that person.

For now, in the moment, it feels great to write and I am still discovering my life being a mystery. Tears of joy and pain warms my heart leaving memories for a lifetime. Let’s see where the journey of life takes me to. For now everything is just a mystery. Happy Holidays!

March 19th 2014

Throughout life people will make you mad, disrespect you and treat you bad. Let God deal with the things they do, cause hate in your heart will consume you too – Will Smith

A well-spent day brings happy sleep – Leonardo da Vinci

Hello everyone! Nice to be back on the website, but I feel so drained for some reason. The quotations stated above is exactly what I feel and they were the right expressions. Many people simply take others for granted and/or don’t appreciate their presence nor support. Well it does not matter, I don’t need the appreciation but please have the moral decency to atleast not cause distress for no reason. Many things have happened in other people’s lives and they are facing troubles unexpectedly; if people can’t make things better don’t make it worse. I guess, a lot of learning is yet to be done and many need a wake up call. Peace and adoration is within you. Please don’t lose your charm as it is being controlled by negativity and would soon create a phobia of repetitive behavior.

Have a great day readers. Happy reading and writing!

February 9th 2014

A simple Hello to everyone feels great.  Been out of touch with my website for a month and it felt like a part of me was missing. Sometimes the series of events in our life takes us away from important moments and the gracious time. There is simply no excuse, but a reminder from within feels good as we can get back to activities we once loved a lot.

How is everyone doing? Have you been away or missing something you once loved a lot? Is there something holding you back? If yes, embrace it once again. The joy will be immense. Writing is my passion, and for two months I have lost touch with it. Now I shall get back to it by starting to write on my website. Instead of juicy gossips, sharing worthwhile notions is imperative. Also, I have been having this slight fear if something that can or could change my life forever. After having days pass by, I have surrendered. Yes, surrendered! Now it’s time for that decision and let go off something beyond your control. Thus, a ray of  hope will surely arrive bringing the rainbow on a rainy day.

Live a healthy and quality life. People come and go out of your life for some reason. Some only come to cause distress and some flourish. So don’t let anyone cause distress because your life is only worth fostering a prosperous, harmonious, and flourishing one. Have a good weekend! And a wonderful week ahead!  :)

January 1st 2014

Hola! Welcome to a new day, new month, new year! Thank you for reading my wonder of thoughts and I am grateful to all of you who always encourage me to write and who also criticize to make this website flowing with the paradise of various writings welcoming 2014. Enjoy and embrace the rest of the days fulfilling your responsibilities and pursue your dreams with compassion.

A short piece of wisdom and always stay positive by Paulo Coelho. Writing is also sharing words of wisdom.


December 31, 2013 by 

No one can go back, but everyone can go forward.

And tomorrow, when the sun rises, all you have to say to yourselves is:
I am going to think of this day as the first day of my life.

I will look on the members of my family with surprise and amazement, glad to discover that they are by my side, silently sharing that much-talked-about, but little understood thing called love.

I will pass a beggar, who will ask me for money. I might give it to him or I might walk past thinking that he will only spend it on drink, and as I do, I will hear his insults and know that it is simply his way of communicating with me.

I will pass someone trying to destroy a bridge. I might try to stop him or I might realise that he is doing it because he has no one waiting for him on the other side and this is his way of trying to fend off his own loneliness.

I will look at everything and everyone as if for the first time, especially the small things that I have grown used to, quite forgetting the magic surrounding them. The desert sands, for example, which are moved by an energy I cannot understand – because I cannot see the wind.

Instead of noting down things I’m unlikely to forget on the notebook I always carry with me, I will write a poem. Even if I have never written one before and even if I never do so again, I will at least know that I once had the courage to put my feelings into words.

When I reach a small village that I know well, I will enter it by a different route. I will be smiling, and the inhabitants will say to each other: ‘He must be mad, because war and destruction have left the soil barren.’

But I will keep smiling, because it pleases me to know that they think I am mad. My smile is my way of saying: ‘You can destroy my body, but not my soul.’

Tonight, before leaving, I’m going to spend time sorting through the pile of things I never had the patience to put in order. And I will find that a little of my history is there.
All the letters, the notes, cuttings and receipts will take on their own life and have strange stories to tell me – about the past and about the future. All the different things in the world, all the roads travelled, all the entrances and exits of my life.

I am going to put on a shirt I often wear and, for the first time, I am going to notice how it was made. I am going to imagine the hands that wove the cotton and the river where the fibres of the plant were born. I will understand that all those now invisible things are a part of the history of my shirt.

And even the things I am accustomed to – like the sandals which, after long use, have become an extension of my feet – will be clothed in the mystery of discovery.
Since I am heading off into the future, I will be helped by the scuff marks left on my sandals from when I stumbled in the past.

May everything my hand touches and my eyes see and my mouth tastes be different, but the same. That way, all those things will cease to be a still life and instead will explain to me why they have been with me for such a long time; and they will reveal to me the miracle of re-encountering emotions worn smooth by routine.

December 25th 2013

Greetings everyone! Some people are on holidays and some are still working. That’s the blend of reality and a festive season.

I am often asked how come you socialize less – my answer – my thoughts tune into something else. My life is nothing but a social event. My mind is socializing with continuous buzzing of thoughts, my teaching is like a social discussion with students, my writing pieces permit me to socialize with various characters bringing them into a suitable plot of story, and of course chatting with close friends and family members is already a social commitment. LOL! The only time left for me is for spiritual purposes. Those who get it – great – those who don’t – great. I continue to walk my path and dream of my dreams to pursue them until my last breath. A toast to life of perseverance and wit.

Photo: Wishing everyone a Bright, Compassionate, and Joyous Christmas with ever lasting happiness in the coming year and more and more years! Always! Blessings and to everyone.

Bhavzparadise wishes everyone a bright, socializing, blessed Christmas with cheery moments to cherish for a lifetime.

Photo: Wishing everyone a Bright, Compassionate, and Joyous Christmas with ever lasting happiness in the coming year and more and more years! Always! Blessings and to everyone. </p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>Happy Holidays!</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>Happy Reading and Writing everyone!

December 5th 2013

Welcome to the final month of 2013! Time flies, phew…where I felt I just celebrated Christmas a few months ago, and it’s that time of the year soon. Love it! It’s gracious and beautiful. Today, is the H. M. King of Thailand’s Birthday! Salute to him and wishing him loads of happiness and grace. For the first time in years got a chance to be part of a parade and lit candles for the Majesty. It was a great feeling.

On the other hand, Thailand is undergoing a protest where a sudden outburst for proving right and bringing justice is in the air. So with that there has been a hassle and of course triggering the patience of people in the right frame of mind to get on with their life. I hope the protest ends soon bringing a smile and sigh of relief soon. Everyone wants the smiley Thailand back on its toes celebrating a progressing economy.

Congratulations to Thailand for winning the NANO Writing 2013. Yayy! Writing back after sometime has been a good feeling where there would always be something to share and cheer about. Let’s embrace the angelic grace upon on us where striving to be positive and keeping the faith alive is mandatory. We all need our life flourishing and that happens even after feeling like we are walking on a trail of thorns. The soft red carpet filled with rose petals await us bringing an amazing change and loads of happiness. Keep smiling and yes we are all getting there. Cheers and pat yourself for being strong, because YOU ARE!

November 17th 2013

Ting! Ting! Fantastic weather out here. How is everyone doing? The holidays are right around the corner.

Today is also an auspicious day. It’s Loy Krathong (celebrated every year this time on Full Moon). It’s a festival in Thailand and according to H.M. King Rama IV, writing in 1863, it was a Brahmanical festival that adapted by Thai Buddhists in Thailand to honor Buddha, Prince Siddhartha Gautama. The candle venerates the Buddha with light, while the krathong’s floating symbolizes letting go of all one’s hatred, anger, and defilements. People sometime cut their fingernails or hair and placed the clippings on the krathong as a symbol of letting go of negative thoughts. However, many ordinary Thai use the krathong to thank the Goddess of Water, Phra Mae Khongkha (Thai: พระแม่คงคา). Detail information referenced from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loi_Krathong

Also it is Guru Nanak Purab (celebrates the birth of the first Sikh GuruGuru Nanak. This is one of the most sacred festivals in Sikhism). Many Hindus and other followers of Guru Nanak’s philosophy also celebrate this festival.


It is Full Moon and the energy around feels like continuous rays of light is being showered around people welcoming positive notions and also never giving up on  your hopes and dreams. You are worth every bit of it and it is surely going to be yours. :)

Have a blessed and fun week ahead! I shall get back to developing Mid-term exam papers. Write soon. Boo!

November 4th 2013

Hello everyone :) Wishing everyone a joyous New Year, festival of lights and joy – Diwali. Happy Diwali! May each day be bright, positive, gracious, and full of laughter. Let go of those unwanted tears, failures as behind each downward notion reflects a beam of light.


October 24th 2013

Wake up guys! How is everyone doing?

A few moments ago, I was reflecting on a thought of goodness. It is so hard for people to simply do good or even if he/she does good it is all vain and all for compliments. It is quite uncomfortable when that happens when one can actually feel the gesture of the other being fake and only for his/her selfish needs. Sigh! People around are striving for the best and goodness. The task gets tougher because there is a clash between kindness and vanity. It’s quite difficult to incooperate  and adjust with people around like that especially if they are the people who one socializes with. Therefore, breathe the air of kindness and understand the feelings of people who are genuinely nice and who have no or very less expectations. It’s worth the effort to be a better person and be kind genuinely.

Today I came across this wonderful story in my inbox.

I would like to share it:

A task for angels

October 21, 2013 by 

Many years ago lived a man who was able to love and forgive everyone he met.

Because of this, God sent an angel to talk to him.

“God asked me to come and visit you and to tell you that He wants to reward you for your goodness,” said the angel.

“Any favor that you desire will be granted. Would you like to have the gift of curing?”

“By no means,” answered the man. “I prefer that God Himself choose those to be cured.”

“And what about bringing sinners to the path of the Truth?”

“That is a task for angels like you. I don’t want to be venerated by anyone and serve as an example all my life.”

“I can’t go back to heaven without granting you a miracle. If you don’t pick one, you’ll be obliged to accept one.”

The man reflected a little before answering: “Then I want Good to be done through me, but without anyone noticing – not even myself, so that I don’t commit the sin of vanity.”

And the angel gave to that man’s shadow the power to cure, but only when the sun was shining on his face.

In that way, wherever he went, the sick were cured, the earth became fertile again, and sad people regained their joy.

The man traveled many years over the Earth without noticimg the miracles he worked, because when he was facing the sun, his shadow was always at his back.

In that way he could live and die without being aware of his own sanctity.


Until then have a great day/night/weekend! :) More updates and video uploads soon. Special poetry dedicated to brave people – all coming soon.

October 10th 2013

Hello World! What’s been happening? It has been a crazy one month and now I get to blog. Everything has been moving in a fast pace and that’s always great. Even though it can be quite a full platter, it’s all a great appetite. I was busy engaging myself with a new network and a learning curve. The Asia Pacific Writing Conference 2013 in Bangkok went quite well. From having a book launch, panel discussions, listening to great authors/poets and academic practitioners , the journey has been great and has widen my spectrum about a new world out there.

On the other hand, juggling between a curvy road has made me realize that even if the road is bumpy, smile, smile and smile. Well, who can do that? It’s tough, always better said then done. A few great people along the way have encouraged me and surely made the bumpy road encouraging to walk on. Sigh!

Hoping everyone is doing well and surely the bumpy road needs motivation and positive thoughts. I ask myself: I need this! I want this! I have to be patient and work on it! The universe is surely listening and knows how to present things in its own way. I wish the universe is listening to me NOW!



Cheers! Have a great week/end.

September 7th 2013

Wassup World! How is it going with all of you out there? Writing has been going pleasant and the flow of words have allowed me to complete a new novel and also participate in the upcoming conference. Today, I was just sitting on this marble bench and visualizing key events of life. So many things have changed some of which are for the better. The music of Life has gotten me to dance on the tunes of harmony and yet teaching me how to be patient to accomplish my dreams.

The upcoming conference would also be a Literary Festival in Bangkok. So exciting it would be. For the first time I would be part of an English speaking session to share about Shocking, Astonishing, Fascinating, Intriguing – What Children & Young Adults Love  session with other authors around the world. This would surely be thrilling and a great learning session.

Look below for details. If you’re in Bangkok, do stop by to indulge yourself in the world of books, writers, poets, and entertainment.

Bangkok International Literary Festival

‘REACHING THE WORLD 2013′ Sunday October 6th.


Free - 10am – 5pm.

On the other hand, today I tried a session with gratitude. I am thankful for so many things in my life. With that thought I received something inspirational. Do read below and have a great weekend!

Renouncing or working hard

September 6, 2013 by 

On one hand we know that it is important to seek God. On the other hand, life distances us from Him – because we feel ignored by the Divine, or else because we are busy with our daily life.

This makes us feel very guilty: either we feel that we are renouncing life too much because of God, or else we feel that we are renouncing God too much because of life.
This apparent double law is a fantasy: God is in life, and life is in God.

If we manage to penetrate the sacred harmony of our daily existence, we shall always be on the right road, because our daily tasks are also our divine tasks.

Relax. When we start our spiritual journey, we want so very hard to speak to God-and we end up not hearing what He has to tell us

That is why it is always advisable to relax a little. It is not easy: we have the natural tendency always to do the right thing, and we feel that we are going to improve our spirit is we work at it non-stop.

Relax, I insist. If you want some things to happen, step aside.

Cheers everyone!

August 20th 2013

Hiya everyone! Today feels like a great day. The day has gone pleasantly fulfilling the routine and some spontaneous activities proved to be cheerful. Finally, I completed writing a new novel. For the first time, the attempt to complete a Thriller has been a fabulous ride. I enjoyed every bit and the characters took me to a new adventure. Six spirits are ready to spin readers around with their humor, wit, and outrageous behavior. The characters are waiting to meet the world and more about this thriller soon.

Photo: Writing a book means giving birth to characters that were excited to meet the world! Finally, I can say - I finished my new Thriller Novel. More details to it soon - Phew! A new journey complete.

On the other hand, today is a celebration of Raksha Bandhan – in the Hindu culture we celebrate it with our fellow brothers where sisters bless their brothers and also receive blessings and of course presents – money – LOL! It’s a day where sisters can demand and be domineering for fun. A history of why it is celebrated can be checked on Google. I am glad just in time I got the chance to share on my very own paradise of writings.

Have a great week and better be good ;)

August 1st 2013

Welcome to a new month! So magic is around the corner if you believe there is. Often one thinks of magical things occurring then it subsides with the worldly pleasures and with nature’s spank one gets into a reality check. But still – one should always believe in magic – that is – things one wishes for will surely happen. Why not! Everyone deserves it – says the Universe. Don’t give up! I shall post some beautiful messages by some people to everyone out there who are waiting to smile.

This morning on my way to work I thought I would be late, but I reached just in time. Having been going through a busy and stressful schedule, one cannot expect to smile if one is not being allowed to. (I felt that way) Hmm…but there was magic. My students made me smile and then giggle. It was worth it. Still I wait in patience, pray with my all my heart, smile like there is no tomorrow that the Universe grants the wish of many and the boon is being embraced by our souls gracefully. Sometimes, we wait and wait until a voice from inside says (maybe) let it go. Then when we start to think that way, that’s when something happens and says – HELL NO!

Today’s writing was just something I have been contemplating for days but finally got to write something now. I am waiting for my magical days and believe the wait might be worth it. Have a great week and don’t give up. The Universe is listening…I hope so! Until then – sleep well and be a nice person. Wink!

July 6th 2013

Hi world! How is everyone doing? Always feels good to get back and share something with all of you. And that is exactly what I am doing now. Firstly, would start with sharing something regarding ‘Victory.’ I do feel victorious at times then just got to work harder to see the bright side. At times what seems victorious is actually not. It may be just the surface. Time and determination would reveal whether the battle was won or not.

Read what Paulo shared:

Glory is light

Posted by 

A certain warrior received a medal for each battle he won.
His friends admired his courage and the women adored his charisma.
After some years the medals were so numerous that they covered his whole uniform.
One afternoon, in the middle of a difficult combat, the warrior was almost hit by his enemy’s sword.
“I have always been the best, and today I nearly lost,” thought the warrior.
But immediately he realized what the problem was: the weight of the medals prevented him from fighting with agility.
He tossed the tunic of his uniform to the ground, returned to the battle field, and defeated his enemies.
“Victory can give me confidence, but it must not become a weight to be carried.”

Secondly, one of my poems ‘MOTHER’ was featured on ‘POETRY SOUP’. I would like to share it with you. Hope you like it :)


Every heartbeat is bestowed upon,
Compassion embraces a child eternally
That uplifts a child’s soul in isolation in every way. 


Have a great weekend and will surely share more later. God Bless You!

June 15th 2013

Hi people! Today will share something inspiring and cool. I read this and found it worth sharing it with YOU! How is your day going?

Do read this lovely poem below:

Fernando Pessoa (1888 – 1935 Lisbon, Portugal)

June 14, 2013 by 


Follow your destiny,
Water your plants,
Love your roses.
The rest is shadow
Of unknown trees. 

Reality is always
More or less
Than what we want.
Only we are always
Equal to ourselves.

It’s good to live alone,
And noble and great
Always to live simply.
Leave pain on the altar
As an offering to the gods.

See life from a distance.
Never question it.
There’s nothing it can
Tell you. The answer
Lies beyond the Gods.

But quietly imitate
Olympus in your heart.
The gods are gods
Because they don’t think
About what they are.

Have a great weekend!


June 9th 2013

Greetings to everyone! With the spinning globe here we are yet with in a new day and time. Glad I got a chance to write and share about an upcoming event or even about anything. The month of June has been inspiring and grateful in many ways. Being a birthday month, I received loads and priceless wishes and surprises. I also got to meet again the Honorary Dr. Kiran Bedi and hear more about the Navjyoti Foundation in Delhi. Anyone interested in progressing a child’s life do check out the foundation – You shall never regret it. Also, got to meet and greet the honorable his excellency – Indian Ambassador (2013) Mr. Anil Wadhwa.  Always a pleasure to meet people whom we can get inspired from.

I would also like to thank all my readers and friends all around in motivating me in pursuing my goals and looking at the bright side.

On the other hand, Asia Pacific Writers & Translators (AP Writers) will be having a conference again in Bangkok Thailand. For all the writers and interested people who want to know about writing do check the event out on the website http://apwriters.org/asia-pacific-writers-supports-s-e-a-write-festival/

Below is an information snapshot of how the event will be and of course all are welcome.

 Asia Pacific Writers & Translators (AP Writers),

Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University, 

South East Asian Writers Award Committee (S.E.A. Write),


Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA),

invite expressions of interest for




Bangkok, 3-6 October, 2013

‘Reaching the World 2013’ includes Creative Writing workshops and


in conjunction with

UNESCO’s Bangkok as the World Book Capital City 2013 and the 35th anniversary of the S.E.A. Write Award celebrating literary talents in ASEAN*

‘Reaching the World 2013’ is Bangkok’s second international writers’ showcase bringing together authors, literary translators, scholars, teachers of Creative Writing, publishing professionals and others from Asia and beyond. This 3-day international conference with workshops and a free public day enables writers, readers, scholars, students, publishing industry professionals and interested members of the public to network and share their work in conjunction with one of Asia’s longest-running and most prestigious literary events, the S.E.A. Write Award.

The literary conference includes keynotes from distinguished scholars and special lectures by internationally acclaimed authors, including (tentatively) Bangkok’s Governor and Chairman of the S.E.A. Write Award,  M.R. Sukhumbhand Paribatra, Professor Edwin Thumboo (former S.E.A. Write awardee and Emeritus Professor, National University of Singapore), Dr Katy Shaw, Subject Leader for English Literature and Director of Centre 21 at the University of Brighton, and Scottish novelist Jenni Fagan, named this year as one of Granta Magazine’s Best Young British Novelists.

We invite papers and presentations on the following subthemes:

–        Teaching Creative Writing

–        Literary Translations

–        Writing (and changing?) Cultural Identity

–        Food in Literature

–        Music/Art in Literature

–        Online Writing

–        Young Writers

–        Literary Fiction

–        Creative Non Fiction (including biography and memoir)

–        Poetry

–        Genre Fiction

–        Other related topics

‘Reaching the World 2013’ includes:

  • 3-day International Conference in the Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Building, Chulalongkorn University. Each day’s formal proceedings finish at approx 3 pm to accommodate other activities.
  • Evening Readings & Book Launches
  • Creative Writing Workshops
  • The S.E.A. Write Awards Presentations Gala Dinner*
  • AP Writers’ AGM, on Saturday 5 October. The Association’s Board and Committee Chairs will be elected or reappointed at the meeting, and priorities reevaluated.
  • Free Sunday Writers Festival, Sunday 6 October, hosted by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration in conjunction with UNESCO’s designation of Bangkok as ‘2013 World Book Capital’.
  • Farewell Dinner at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel’s Thai restaurant, Sala Rim Naam, hosted by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration.

To offer a presentation or longer paper with a focus on teaching and practice of creative writing, email Jose (‘Butch’) Dalisay, Chair of AP Writers’ Academic Committee:jdalisay@mac.comDeadline: 10 August, 2013.

To offer a presentation or longer paper on literary translation, email Eliza Vitri Handayani, Chair of AP Writers’ Translation Committee, evhandayani@gmail.com. Deadline: 10 August, 2013.

If you are teaching Creative Writing at a university which offers this discipline and would like to offer a half-day or full-day workshop, send a paragraph describing the workshop you’d like to offer along with a brief bio to AP Writers’ Board Member Xu Xi at xu.xi@cityu.edu.hk.

If you would like to read your poetry or discuss your creative writing on the panels at the public forum on Sunday 6 October in the Bangkok Arts & Culture Centre, or if you want to launch a new book at ‘Reaching the World 2013’, email Jane Camens at admin@apwriters.com.

*The 2013 S.E.A. Write Gala Award Presentation Dinner Celebrating 35 Years of Literary Talents in ASEAN will be held in the ballroom of the Mandarin Oriental on the evening of either Thursday 3 October or Friday 4 October, the date yet to be confirmed by the Royal Palace. The guest speaker for this year’s awards is Irish novelist Edna O’Brien. This is a formal, traditional occasion presided over by a member of the Royal Family. Registered conference participants may attend for the special rate of THB 1,000 (US$33). Register for the S.E.A. Gala event before 19 September 2013 by emailing Somsri (Susie) Hansirisawasdi, Director of Public Relations, Mandarin Oriental Bangkok: somsrih@mohg.com.

Asia-Pacific Writers & Translators (AP Writers) is a regional association for authors and literary translators. This large network seeks to advance authors’ careers.

Chulalongkorn University (‘Chula’) is Thailand’s oldest and most prestigious university, founded in 1917 by King Rama VI. Chulalongkorn University ranks the first in the nation and one of the best in Asia. Chulalongkorn University is a research-focused institution.

The South East Asian Writers’ Awards (S.E.A. Write Award) has recognized and honoured contemporary poets and writers in Southeast Asia since 1979

May 16th 2013

Hi everyone! So what’s new. For all the readers out there – thank you for stumbling on my site and sharing your views about the content. It’s a pleasure to also contribute topics related to education. Questions regarding website theme or how fast it loads – better speak with your website creator. If it’s being done with a self created blog system, then it’s advisable to buy a book on how to create websites and warning on spam control.  :)

Recently when I received a new publication of Paulo Coelho – it was fascinating. Sometimes, certain writing pieces take away a moment where what one thinks is exactly what one is seeing elsewhere. It’s purely magical. 

Read this below by Paulo Coelho

Lord, protect our doubts, because Doubt is a way of praying. It is Doubt that makes us grow because it forces us to look fearlessly at the many answers that exist to one question. And in order for this to be possible…

Lord, protect our decisions, because making Decisions is a way of praying. Give us the courage, after our doubts, to be able to choose between one road and another. May our YES always be a YES, and NO always be a NO. Once we have chosen our road, may we never look back nor allow our soul to be eaten away by remorse. And in order for this to be possible…

Lord, protect our actions, because Action is way of praying. May our daily bread be the result of the very best that we carry within us. May we, through work and Action, share a little of the love we receive. And in order for this to be possible…

Lord, protect our dreams, because to Dream is a way of praying. Make sure that, regardless of our age or our circumstances, we are capable of keeping alight in our heart the sacred flame of hope and perseverance. And in order for this to be possible…

Lord, give us enthusiasm, because Enthusiasm is way of praying. It is what binds us to the Heavens and to Earth, to grown-ups, and to children; it is what tells us that our desires are important and deserve our best efforts. It is Enthusiasm that reaffirms to us that everything is possible, as long as we are totally committed to what we are doing. And in order for this to be possible…

Lord, protect us, because Life is the only way we have of making manifest Your miracle. May the earth continue to transform seeds into wheat, may we continue to transmute wheat into bread. And this is only possible if we have Love; therefore, do not leave us in solitude. Always give us Your company, and the company of men and women who have doubts, who act and dream and feel enthusiasm, and who live each day as if it were totally dedicated to Your glory.


God Bless Everyone!

On the other hand, there was a New Feature – Bhavna Khemlani’s books a pleasure to read

By Administrator on April 21, 2013

Check out – http://www.authorspace.in/bhavna-khemlanis-books-a-pleasure-to-read/



Will write soon – have a great week – end ahead. Peace and spread love & light. ;)

May 2nd 2013

It’s getting hot in here – what a phrasal expression. Bangkok is really getting hot and so is the busy schedule getting busier. Time management doesn’t work for students as they are students and would do what they are good at – EXCUSES – LOL. I remember when I went to school, the all time favorite expression – My dog ate my homework – was always on the tip of someone’s tongue.

Sitting in the classroom and waiting for the next few minutes before I lock the door, I log into my website and type to say ‘Hello’ to everyone. Now how does that happen – its the will and the tick tock quack alerting me of being MIA and not sharing anything whatsoever on my Blog. Oh well, the past few days with all the news on financial crisis, bombs, earthquakes and of course the world where people are working have been overwhelming. These shades of life only bring to light that – Shit happens! We all got to hang on in there and it is always easier said than done. Life ain’t a bed of roses, but a sizzling plate of spicy herbs that has its own flavor and loads to learn from various aspects.

I am learning something new everyday from various people and a cloud of floating questions come my way until I decide that I got to meditate and take a break from everything. Hibernating works – its a mental shut down that clears ways energizing one to be more active and one’s thought process is better, sensible, and every emotion is worth nothing. The positive thinking aggravates into a thrilling force rather than vice-versa. Sometimes, a quiet time to yourself – feels great. It gets easier to balance and take control of certain things rather than been dragged into something you might feel plunged into.

So for today – take a few moments to yourself – feel great and prosper again like a butterfly. I shall start my lesson. :) Until then have a great day!

April 13th 2013

Living in the silence for a moment then why is mind talking too much. There you go, it’s time to write then. What’s new? After so many months, feels good to be home on a Saturday afternoon. It’s the famous water festival (Songkran Festival) in Thailand and the day has started breezy. The sound of the wind simply hoots a pleasure of a holiday.  Glancing down from my window pane, I see a group of people dancing to Thai classical music and splashing icy water on the passerby. It is surely fun and the chirpy atmosphere is cheerful. On the other hand, I am encouraging myself to pen down new thoughts to complete my next novel. This novel has become part of turtle race and I am sure I will win. Yayy!

For now will get on with my writing and probably take a power nap later. Have a great weekend. ;)

March 30th 2013

…And they paint the eggs. Oh, those days at school where eggs were painted, hymns were sung and it was cheery. Happy Easter everyone. Many people are enjoying the holidays and planning trips. So what is the plan this time?  Don’t snooze on the chance of having a fun and memorable vacation.

Today, I went to the Bangkok Book Fair 2013, and it was like a fish market. I was amazed with the number of people of various age groups who attended it. The experience was actually interesting when it felt like I was in a treasure hunt. It felt that way since it took too much time to get into a meeting and finally I was there. Hurray! Passing through many curious readers sitting on the carpeted ground and listening to a book launch was certainly a good snap shot. Various books were being sold in many Asian languages which depicted a success of the event. It was certainly a worth treasure hunt and loads to learn from.


Have a great weekend! Don’t be naughty ;)

March 27th 2013

In the midst of a super HOT day, there is a festivity which brings a celebration of colors and brings people together. LOL, Although I stay away from the colors - hygiene or the hours of having to wash them away, the significance of celebrating it is a good one.

Happy Holi! ‘Holi’ comes from the word ‘hola’, meaning to offer oblation or prayer to the Almighty as Thanksgiving for good harvest. (This  information has been retrieved from: For more information check out this website -http://hinduism.about.com/od/holifestivalofcolors/a/celebrateholi.htm) This is an auspicious for many and does bring peace and a fun day for many.

On the other hand, in the writing world there has been some input and guidance to make it better. Questions have been asked by readers on how to make a blog or how to write better. Please go through the website and you will surely find tips on writing.  :) I shall posting more examples so it would be helpful to many readers. Moreover, thank you so much for the boost in writing/sharing.  As in relation to criticism on books or writing pieces – you don’t have to read or comment if it is not what you are looking for. Perhaps you are not the target audience.

Will write soon! Until then have a great week!

March 17th 2013

How is the Sunday treating everyone? Phew, it’s quite hot in Bangkok. The fluctuating weather does bring in some cozy time to share something.

Thank you to other writers’ who share other writers’ work sharing inspiration and enhancing their work.

SAARC Festival of Literature-2013 at the Grand Hotel, Agra, March 10-12. Bob D’Costa was among the featured authors. Sharing Members’ Poetry

Bob also writes that after meeting indigenous Australian writers Ali Cobby Eckerman and Lionel Fogarty at Reaching the World in Bangkok last November, he has been reading their poetry at the Progress Literary Club in Gorky Sadan, Kolkata. He has also read aloud to audiences there the work of other fellow AP Writer poets Liz Packer and Bhavna Khemlani. He plans to read more poems of fellow writers to give more exposure to the AP Writers community.


Happy Sunday!

March 8th 2013 

Hello Readers! How was your week? The weekend is around the corner. And it feels good. So errands and can be completed and at least the work routine won’t be a chaos. There shall be a good balance. Today is a special day – IWD. International Women’s Day is celebrated today. However, everyday is a woman’s day. She is a pride of every home. Cheers to her glory.

Sometimes, people forget to appreciate or even notice the goodness in a woman. Therefore, this day don’t waste or ignore the moment but take a step and appraise her for the great things she brings in YOUR life. Photo: Everyday is a woman's day. She is a pride of every home. Cheers to her glory.

On there other hand, spread kindness and help people around you in need. Collective work brings harmony. At the moment I look forward for a fun and busy weekend. Happy Weekend and jiggle it with glee.

Write soon.


February 20th 2013

Hola! So how is everyone doing? With reading various news my hearty – moral support for the Russia Meteor blast and many people who were injured. Life is unpredictable huh! The advancement or the experimental can be costly to anyone. Stay safe and alert people. Embrace the glory of happiness that comes your way leaving that blissful smile.

Moreover, the moment when pondering thoughts are used to pen down phrases it depicts an array of emotions or leads to a dynamic story – it is worthy of an appreciation.

While I was strolling in the balcony and watching the sunset, I simply had this fleeting thought of how upcoming writers or established ones can unite with others around the world to bridge the gap of sharing stories. Sometimes, there can be restrictions to contests and one can be disheartened of its requirements. It’s all about the journey of appraise, appreciation, and aspiration of writing and of course the token of winning is like the cherry on top.

There are several contests and websites where one can start to share or participate in contests. Some of which are: Poetry Soup (Good for Poetry), Authors Den (Authors creating their portfolio of writing online), Blogaholic Social Network (Post of Blog/promote your work), Tumbhi.com (Share/Create portfolio under Tumbhi Writing Category – Articles/Stories/Poems – Have Contests), Booktrix.com, Firstwriter.com (contests), FanStory.com, Writersviews.com (various contests for 2013), Studentcompetitions.com, Fishpublishing.com (opportunity to be published), Graham Green Creative Writing Awards 2013, Northern Writers’ Awards 2013, Burlington Contemporary Art Writing Prize 2013, 2013 Lancaster Writing Awards,  Hong Kong Young Writers Awards 2013, The Kings Cross New Writing Award 2013, Commonwealth Writers Award, The Hedwig Anuar Children’s Book Award 2013, Bookcatcher.com (Good for a list of contests), and of course the Brit Writers Awards Submission 2013 (Dates will be announced soon) etc.

The list mentioned of writing contests will certainly be of some help to many and creating an online writing portfolio is helpful for many writers. For now Ciao! More to share next time. :)

February 14th 2013

 Hiya! A contribution to the world – live life and evoke the love that is in there so compassion is spread and a better life is being created to spread kindness and respect. Happy Valentine’s Day to the universe. LOL, it has been a pleasant day – no dozens of flowers but a million essence of blessings and pep talks by many. Reading between the lines or listening to fun stories has rejuvenated my day. I guess – listen to something positive, dance to a music you love and kiss goodbye to those who disrespect YOU!

Will write some more later. :) Have a great week.

February 9th 2013

Time Flies and sometimes we realize that why couldn’t we do this and that. Also, we tend to get carried away with what people have to say at times based on their experiences and of course they care. At the end, we realize that’s not what we wanted. So, live life the way you want to. When you believe there is magic in something – it surely brings faith within you. At times we all lose the grip of seeing things, it’s alright we are humans. However, people, moments and certain situations bring a blissful moment. Especially for me, it comes with Teaching and Writing.

Paulo Coelo has put it down so well that one would recognize that life can be beautiful. Read below:

Live the life you always wanted to



Even if you were to study your own life in detail and relive each moment that you suffered, sweated and smiled beneath the sun, you would still never know exactly when you had been useful to someone else.

A life is never useless. Each soul that came down to Earth is here for a reason.

The people who really help others are not trying to be useful, but are simply leading a useful life.
They rarely give advice, but serve as an example.
Do one thing: live the life you always wanted to live.

Avoid criticising others and concentrate on fulfilling your dreams.
This may not seem very important to you, but God, who sees all, knows that the example you give is helping Him to improve the world. And each day, He will bestow more blessings upon it.

And when the Unwanted Visitor arrives, you will hear it say:
‘It is fair to ask: “Father, Father, why hast thou forsaken me?”
‘But now, in this final second of your life on Earth, I am going to tell you what I saw: I found the house clean, the table laid, the fields ploughed, the flowers smiling. I found each thing in its proper place, precisely as it should be. You understood that small things are responsible for great changes.

‘And for that reason, I will carry you up to Paradise.’

Make a Memorable day – Bhavzparadise

February 5th 2013

How are you world! I have missed you. I hope each one you is doing great and fighting that spirit to overcome any obstacle you are undergoing. We all have a battle to win and YES we do win.

Something to share:

Don’t Feel Shy – The Container is Never Too Full

There is no one perfect book and no one perfect writing pattern. In fact, from the past decades up till now, there have been many perfect books and various fantastic writing styles by leading writers. The emerging writers have no doubt a unique skill that does draw attention captivating people from different age groups. Therefore, the whole point here is does knowledge ever end. Is the container ever too full or even over flowing? The answer is obvious – Nah!
I guess every since we were born learning something new has always been a motivation to progress in something. Learning will never end and one’s memory chip is always welcoming new things. Look at technology. It was an unexpected visitor that has conquered our way of learning. It is always important to participate. Participating in different writers group or attending a reading enables one to broaden the creativity in penning down the most difficult thing. A writer should always meet other writers and hear them share their work to awaken any hidden difficulty a writer is facing. In turn, a writer could share his or her work only to make his or her writing piece appealing and ready for success.
Recently, during 5th – 9th November 2012, the first ever summit of Asia Pacific Writers & Translators Association in collaboration with The S.E.A Write Award, and the Chulalongkorn University was held in Bangkok, Thailand. Now, if one hears that how should one feel? I was thrilled and simply looking forward to attend it because not much writers gathering occur in Bangkok. There was no contemplation and simply action was needed. I went with an aspiring soul and the entire conference of discussions, panel meetings, and readings (at the Asia Pacific Writers gathering and Bangkok Women’s Writers Group) turned out to be a bonanza. The chain of networking, embracing new ideas, learning more about publishing, editing, translating, and of course how to speak up for enhancement was acknowledged in every way.
These delegates had something common with one another and that was to progress. The budding keenness to unify various writers together making a change was recognized. I participated in a Non-Fiction and Fiction workshop conducted by Matthew Condon. Other members from different backgrounds like me were also available to share and speak about their doubts, new work, creative ideas, difficulties, or even just to listen made the workshop worthwhile. At the end, we all took a jar of classy information back. The constructive ideas and willingness to help does happen if one participates in book clubs, readings, book fairs, meetings, or even a literary fair as this enables the universal talent for writing on any genre possible. Any writer does not feel discouraged and of course there is no bad writing on this planet. It is just that what one writes has a different target audience.
Hence, don’t feel shy and your writing style is amazing. It just needs to be spoken about so you can progress and improve the creative literacy with better terminology. All your so called scribbles are waiting to be shared. So start now at your nearest place!

January 20th 2013

Hello Everyone! It has been ages since I wrote on my blog. This is because the server was down and wiped out all the data. Finally, it is back so I can pen down some thoughts for you. Today, will share something about writing which was published on the Brit Writers and Writers Everywhere website.

Brit Writers Blog – Hello Mr. Parrot and Hi Mrs. Doughnut! by Bhavna


Choosing a name or names for a story is an essential part of any plot. Most importantly, one must know what genre he or she is focusing on. One does not receive a second chance if the story is complete and of course published. Last week, for a creative writing class, one of student chose her name – Ashley Bunsen Burner. I was stunned because it was unusual. I asked her why that kind of surname. Her reply, “I just went to the science lab and I liked that name so I used that as a surname.” Her innocent reply and appeal to the science lab was interesting. That made an impression on me whilst indicating a link to her choice of name.
We have many books, websites, friends, strangers, and a family from whom we can ask about names. A character’s name is like an embedded jewel of trust that enhances value to readers as they may relate to. Names can create humour that the reader may never forget that character. Today, we have all sorts of names of characters from fiction and non-fiction stories that have left a strong notion. When choosing a name, the writer can create a mind map showing where the character may be from, personality traits, and in this way a name can be chosen to suit the physical appearance and background (rich, poor, elite, or a country from Asia, Africa, Europe or America). Sometimes, characters are set a different era where names can be sounding ancient but still leaving a charm. Nicknames can be given so the reader feels connected easily than remembering long complicated names – if the writer plans to put one. For example, the story – Pride and Prejudice, characters like Mr. Darcy, and Elizabeth simply drove me into a new era. The wit, sarcasm, romance, and charm can magnetize a reader with a splendid characterization and personality.
Sometimes, peoples’ personalities in real life simply leave an impression that cultivates into one’s writing. The association between the personality and name activates the story line. To create humour a writer can add adjectives or adverbs – precisely a characteristic which will add a trite liveliness in the story line. For instance, Shawn Beast, Gwen Fallen, Scarlet Pie, and Nicky Wormy could create oomph towards a certain personality trait making a story fun to read along. It’s always the writer’s choice and the writer knows best about the characters since he or she bring the entire story alive. The imagination has no boundaries and so does story lines. The readers today explore various genres and sometimes they surprise the writer.
Therefore, if a writer has trouble with names or choosing personality traits, it would be better to create an outline, mind map, or even draw it which can make it easier to develop a link and not fall out of the story as chapters’ progress. Have you thought of your story? Now choose the name. With love – Rose Apple
More Laters! :) Have a great week



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Featured Poem – January 2016

Poem: Change
By Arjun Gogar (Age 13, Bangkok Prep School)
All the sights that I can see
died and destroyed from toe to feet.
weaker and weaker without power
all people do is devour, devour and DEVOUR!
The world is viewed in a bad way.
Died, destroyed and rotten away as
nature is manipulated and ignored.
Sleeping by the street snore, snore and SNORE!
We get up and fall to the ground
money closed jobs and some have drowned.
Education is the tool to build many doors
cleaned and Sweep from floors, floors and FLOORS!

 Featured Poems – December 2015

When the bucket is overflowing it’s better we share than waste the creative juice. This month will feature two Poems. One from Ob Saiyavath and the other from Brian Woo. The uniqueness of words only makes creativity connect with reality of experiences and imagination.

Ob Saiyavath’s youthful distinction towards discrimination and life clearly depicts in his poem ‘Distinction.’ He studies in the Faculty of Arts’ Chulalongkorn University. It’s great to feature the works of words that slowly integrate into the human system.

Poem: Distinction

There’s a distinction between prejudice and discrimination

Just as there’s a distinction between a senseless death and a heroic one.

People die in fruitless wars, driven by a nationalistic pride, a tragic but wasteful death.
Which is why I hold people like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown as heroes.
For they inspired change, a new movement, a round of debates on civil rights.

There’s a distinction between the pro-choice movement and the pro-life movement;
There’s a distinction between choice and genes.
There’s a distinction between being gay and lesbian.
There’s a distinction between bisexual and transgender.

But we need to destroy those distinction. Tear down those barriers
Because we don’t need them.
This is the 21st century,
Where every man, woman and child should not be discriminated against.

It doesn’t matter if its by choice or genes,
Because each and everyone of us is unique
And that’s why everybody has something to contribute to the human race.
Because this is the century of change.

All Rights Reserved
Ob Saiyavath


Creativity Rocks! This Month’s other feature is Brian Woo! A shout out to him and thanking him for sharing his poetry with us. He is from Korea, but lived all over. Currently in Bangkok, Thailand, and most recently Berkeley, California. You can visit his website: https://medium.com/@bswwoo/hello-world-a86d5a98b9e4#.qppa7df8f 

Poem: Coffee

I remember making coffee with you,
back in the day, when sunlight blazed
silver through slatted windowpanes
and night slept in my bathroom
like a roommate who never flushed.
The grinder eagerly accepted our offering
of a single cup of whole beans, and
flashing teeth mingled garrulously with
the crackling chatter of brown-black
flesh and the hiss of evaporation. 
Woody, lush scents coated our nostrils
with Colombian heights;
with yawning Ethiopian loam;
with Sumatran jungle crevices from which
pumas stalked us with caramel eyes.
As you pressed down and separated
the coarse from the bitter, steam rose
and condensed on the TV. An atmospheric
fog instantly coated a San Francisco street, only
to disappear just as suddenly—a facsimile of reality.
When night emerged with bloodshot eyes
to amble ‘round the city, he saw us sitting and
watching food; he sniffed at our youth, our sleepless
smiles, then bummed a cup of coffee so black
that the last sip tasted like gritty gasoline.

 Featured Poem – September 2015

Poem: Step by Step
As we open our eyes
we see the beauty around.
As we open our eyes
we see the flaws around.
As we open our eyes
we tap into Friendship.
As we open our eyes
we learn new things.
As we open our eyes
we feel the beauty inside.
As we open our eyes
we thank people around.
As we open our eyes
we are grateful for opportunities.
As we open our eyes
we learn new things.
As we open our eyes
we realize everything step by step.
As we open our eyes
we feel pain.
As we open our eyes
we also laugh.
As we open our eyes
we believe life is all about step by step.
By Bhavna K.

 Featured Poem – February 2015

Poem: Mosquitoes
We are like them, like the mosquitoes
They need blood – we need money
We will do anything to be its owner.
By Kira Pat, Grade 11

 Featured Poem – January 2015

Poem: Sweet, Sweet, Home

There’s no place like home,
Or so the old grannies say,
We kick the little garden gnome,
Mom tells us we should run and play.
Cozy sofa, yummy smells,
All come from the kitchen oven,
‘Come and eat now!’ father yells,
We ate the cakes all by a dozen!

By: Fa Taepaisitphongse Grade: 7

Featured Poems – November 2014

“I hate and I love
Why do I, you ask ?
I don’t know, but it’s happening
and it hurts”
― Catullus

New Featured Poems – May 2014

May 16th 2014

By Dhiksha Sajnani (Student from NIST International School of Thailand)

Visit her Blog: http://shatteredmindbrokensoul.blogspot.com/

Poem: Gas Mask

I need a Gas mask,
To survive this vacuuming flask,
Sucked in this vacuum,
Not knowing the value.
Breathing in and out,
I want to run around bout.
Running is the best solution,
But I’m stuck in this revolution.

Poem: Complete

What is a lake without water?
What is a window without glass?
Lost and hurt by words,
My heart tears in two thirds.
Wonder, why do I care?
But those moments we have shared…
I am complete without you.

Poem: Odds

As you drift away,
A curtain of clarity exposes,
And the truth unravels.
Living in my fantasy,
Depriving myself.
Because the odds are never in my favor.

New Featured Poems – March 2014

Poem: Enthralling Persona

 By Bhavna K

A man of free will
A visionary soul
Gulps down the misery of discrimination
Climbs a great hill with compassion
Breathes over hurdles
Uses time wisely
Don’t wish but go get
Don’t only dream but pursue
Money won’t create success
Freedom will
It doesn’t matter where one is from
A heart matters
Unite to create establishments
Because there is a Nelson Mandela in every true spirit

Poem: Cushion of Personal Magnetism

 By Bhavna K.

Emotional turmoil of being a victim of sexual abuse
Years passed by concealing the bruise
Failed relationships nestled her negativity
Welcoming positivity with progressivity
Successful television show rules the planet
Bringing new voices throwing away the victim blanket
Charity and justice become friends
Charismatic power unites contentment as friendly gems
No one will ever forget Oprah Winfrey for her blissful endeavor
Her love and compassion for society is forever

Poem: Tigress

By Bhavna K.

Every music piece is distinctive
Most lyrics are positive
It doesn’t matter if she kissed a girl or said you’re so gay
Lovely to create a teenage dream
Admirable to be an enthusiastic philanthropist
When she roars, fireworks engulf the sky
The charisma she shares unconditionally
Her perfume spreads the fragrance that meows
The Killer Queen fragrance refreshes the senses
Her breakdown in life lifts her yet again
Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson known as Katy Perry
Marches into the symphony of music
Lending her voice in Smurfs
She dazzles into the soul of her fans

 New Featured Poem – July 2013

A poem I heard recently in Bangkok and asked the Poet if it could be shared with all of you. Do read and be inspired.

The Hidden History of Women

By M KJ Ink Writer (BANGKOK)

There is a history
between our history and pre-history
A history in which Women were kings
A history that was methodically erased by men
til it was forgotten by man
the truth was suppressed
Women oppressed
and brainwashed to believe
they were anything but
better than us
And not just not better
not even equal
and less deserving
This is what we did to them
Pulling the pedestal out from under their feet
and handing them an apron and rolling pin
It has not always been this way
That’s what you need to know
Before Buddha and Jesus and Greece and Rome
Before all the wars
that the Bronze Age bore
women were at the top of the food chain
Imagine that
Imagine it because it was real
A time
on this planet
when fathers held their daughters as high as their sons
A time when Women did not feel inferior
when they knew their character intellect and insight
were just as good if not greater than any man’s
and they were leaders
of human civilization
This needs to be known
That half of the human race
was once overthrown
In the name of fear and safety
in the face of war
women finally needed men
like never before
and for thousands of years
we both believed this was the way
it has always been
like all the bibles say
but I’m afraid that’s not the case
and it’s time we look at each other
and admit that our sisters
can be better than our brothers
because without that admission
we’ll never reach an even keel
and we’ll never live in a world
where no one has to kneel
or submit themselves
to the entitlement of another
the truth has been there all along
it’s the reality you must discover
Women were the first slaves
Think about that
And their enslavement was so profound
so psychologically sound
that by the time the chains came off
they forgot what they were capable of
what they could do
with unfettered hearts
and unrestricted minds
They forgot to ask
“If you are free yet powerless, then how free can you be?”
Doesn’t freedom inherently mean some say?
How shocking is it that women 6000 years ago
had rights that they just got back in the last century?
But our species is not insane
it is just childlike
Over the last 10 thousand years
it has behaved in much the same way
a brother and sister might
One day little brother became bigger than his big sister
guess what happened then
Might has been right for far too long
it’s time we sing a different song
a duet perhaps, instead of a sing-a-long
instead of a one man show
anything I can do….you can do better
and I can do anything better than you
let’s be honest
our chromosomes and genitalia
have little to do with anything
How much you believe in yourself
and how much you are allowed to believe in yourself
is the single most determining factor
in the greatness of any one person’s life
Anything we can do
you women can do too
maybe even better
That seems to be the one area that we excel in
that you never have
Makes you wonder why we men are so proud
Don’t you see
by making half of the human race lesser than the other
we have effectively crippled our species
and our path of progress has been
something like…
a two person row boat
with only one oar
It’s like our species suffered a stroke
that paralyzed half our body
Think about the atrocities that we have committed
upon each other
that might have never been
if there were a respected woman in the room
where those decisions were made
A respected woman
what images come to mind
when you hear those words
Thankfully times are changing
Women have nearly dug themselves
out of the cave they were stuck in
and are seeing glimmers of freedom
and the light of independent days
Continue to do that
Continue to push the limits and bounds
that are now more internal than external
just as your foremothers did
when it was the other way around
I hope as you find more strength within you
you continue to push it out into the world
and make our species stronger, better, more human
more humane
May you reclaim your voice
and rightful place in the natural order of life
Balance us
Help us steer
Help us on our haphazard way
Be our equals
our friends
our allies
But most importantly
help yourselves
Don’t depend on us
Because we have just as much
to learn and unlearn as you
We cannot help but hold you down
even if we try to help you up
Do not take our hand
until you are standing beside us
on this utmost mountain top
We all must think differently
We all must believe in each other
Our perception of the opposite sex
must be broken down
til there is more common ground
than ever before
And in the days leading up to that
if we ever do find out
that chivalry is dead
I hope you
were the ones
who killed it

 Poems By Bhavna K.


Cook mouth-smacking food to bloom the aroma of life;
Uplift, and understand the essence of your presence to upgrade your self-esteem;
Impress, inspire your charm by relishing incredible cuisines of the world;
Speak, simplify your feelings with expression feeling splendid, spectacular, and smashing;
Invite the ideal happiness waiting to create abundance in your life impeccably;
Nourish and nurture the love you have that retains the goodness you have always;
Engage, enlighten, and enchant life with the aroma of tasty meals and enterprising people;
Savor, support, and salute every moment that brings a smile to your face.
As we take every breath, there is a slight expectation to take the other.
As relationships are made in this world so is the birth of expectation.
It feels like walking up a slope then tumbling down quickly.
Some expect more and some less. But it can’t be never.
It is okay to expect a little because it’s healthy.
With this the relationship enhances,
Only if one expects very less,
Then less disappointment,

The Eyeshadow Girl

The blend of colors enlightens her day when she decides to embrace them;
She loves various colors which bring alive a girl’s eyes;
Each color depicts the triumph of beauty from within that is eager to fly;
The charisma of colors vitalizes one’s surrounding being a priceless gem.
Surveying around, she picks her Jimmy Choo;
Then she looks at her sister to Shoo;
Picking up her Chanel bag she appreciates her labor of love;
She knows that materialism and spiritualism is hard work from blessing above.


Every heartbeat is bestowed upon,
Compassion embraces a child eternally
That uplifts a child’s soul in isolation in every way.


Once blurted without caution,
It creates history enveloped in anguish
Only leaving you will bring serenity.


The ideal terminology in a dictionary,
One manifests to sustain
Then it is evaporated with despair.
I wish I could undo the misery;
I wish I could forget the scenario even though it is history;
If things were so easier said and done;
I would have accomplished all and feel wholesome;
As days went by, years went by, I begin to open ways;
I open ways and saw the everlasting flow of rays;
The mood I have, has been very well controlled;
For this I salute myself as I did not bail out;
Such a beauty life can be;
Then why my mood took years to comprehend and thought maybe?
Finally I see things differently, hoping it is not only me;
But everyone can feel inner satisfaction and peace for free;
Talk to the mood and get the act straight;
You never know, it might be too late;
This is it and I shall try to smile even when I don’t feel right;
Because this is right and will always be right.

My First Brother

Many relationships are made before or we end up choosing them;
How wonderful it is when the first person holds your hand and promises he will forever;
Biologically we are grown to learn, our siblings are our brothers;
Life teaches you that someone who offers eternal love, sincerity and is clever;
He has the full right to be your brother;
 My first brother: My father has always been there since birth;
Mother taught me to tie rakhi (a sacred and trendy thread) to him and mentioned he is your father, friend and brother;
Father is the most rightful person who possesses the gratefulness on Earth;
He is truthful, a protector, a friend, and brings life together;
I thank you for being in my life unconditionally and a big hug to you;
I respect and am grateful to all my brothers that I met you.
In The Moment
When tragic strikes the blame game starts,
It would be a miracle if one could just take a moment,
This would help in understanding there is no one to blame but oneself.
With a blink, a wave, a stretch, and a swing things change.
Let’s take a moment to live in the moment.
Work, drama, excuses, doubts only distracts one from the moment.
The pleasure to bring a smile on your face awaits in desperation,
The pleasure to make a moment be cherished awaits with style,
Then why are you permitting the taunts to take away the moment.
Genuine, passionate, and prosperous is the happiness you deserve,
Let’s sway to the dance of the wind,
Clap with the beat of the tune you hear.
Forgive, forget, and divert the cheeky mind,
Allow the blooming and budding joy fill your heart.
Live in the moment.


Generations have passed and so has the way to shuffle around;
Men can have multiple relationships and so can women;
The art of meeting various people in one’s life is sometimes ironic;
But the pleasure to many is unavoidable which can be confound;
It doesn’t matter what may be the journey even though it may feel like being chased by the demon;
This is because every experience for some is simply epic.
But for some, having to consider shuffling can be unaccepted;
There are many men and women, who would certainly prefer the real and genuine relationship;
Why does one have to be accepted if one has experience with shuffling?
Can’t the genuine relationship be appreciated with one special one rather than many special ones? When will this be fruited?
There are times when many questions and answers are exchanged regarding courtship;
The experience of dating brings and makes a relationship bloom with loads of cuddling.
As the generation is advancing, techniques to flirt have become savvy and sometimes corny;
Some people have simply lost their mind and some are bouncing back and forth with figuring out;
It is totally fine to shuffle, but it is also totally fine to choose not to and not being judged upon;
We live in a civilized society, atleast we claim to, then why all the irony;
We preach, desire, and bless our loved ones for a precious life with good values then why can’t people lookout?
It doesn’t matter what age one is, not to shuffle around with the wrong people is alright because one is not winning any coupon.
With observance, technology, society, scoops, and scandals one knows what is best for him or her following his or her heart;
It is great to receive advice and encouragement from well-wishers and loved ones;
Positive thinking and not judging oneself is an imperative ingredient to spice and escalate one’s life;
Therefore, appreciate what your heart desires and if it chooses and feels uncomfortable to shuffle around it is fine because whatever you will still meet your sweetheart;
One does not have to prove anything but contemplate that this inner battle will be won;
Harmonize, dance, smile, embrace, savor, and appreciate oneself for the perfect life because it will not happen twice.
Poetry By Other Contributors
It shouldn’t hurt to be a child
Sonia Chawla, 16 years old, Bangkok, Thailand (Feb 2013)
Ode to the forgotten children who was supposed to be loved
Ode to the children of the earth
They’ve been abused and hurt
While they couldn’t tell anyone
even if they wanted toOde to the souls of the children
Who has already left the earth
And prayers to those who’s still sufferingOde to the life of the young souls
That has been ruined
Even though they’re so innocentOde to those who have tried to help
But failed
At least you’ve tried
Life shall bring you treat 
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Educational Writing Examples

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Creative writing work

Writing an Essay

The best way to better humanity is to better yourself. Do you agree with this statement?

By Apisatha thawornviriyanan (Angie, Age 17) June 2015

I cannot change other people to be what I want them to be. It is very hard for me to expect people around me like or love me. Even though I want them to be that way, I understand that it is totally impossible. The only thing that I can do is to better myself, at least, it is better than nothing.

When I was young, I was quite selfish and ignorant. I did not care about other friends at all, as I knew that they would not hate me or leave me. Sometimes, I lied to them on almost everything to make them believe in me and stay with me. Moreover, I only thought that instead of changing myself it was easier to change my friends to be by my side. When the time had passed by, we were grown up. Consequently, their minds and their thinking changed. I rarely had friends to play with and talk to. I had no friends at all.

However, I had much more time to be alone. I noticed that my old friends did not want to talk or even sit next to me. I still carried on with my life without having any friends, until I realized that if I changed myself to be better in my manners, habits, actions, and my behavior, my friends might definitely came back to me. I then tried to change myself by caring for others’ feelings, helping them in everything that I could do, truly smiling, and being a positive thinker. It worked. My friends came back and I had even more new friends.

Additionally, I found that it is not difficult to change myself to be a better person. Instead, changing can give one a lot of benefits and good things to his/her life. I now have so many friends and so many smiles around me. I am really satisfied with this result. I can know how good it is when I notice that people around me are happy when they are with me, and how wonderful it is when I know that they love me. I learnt that life must have a perception that can bring a better life.

In conclusion, I do agree that the best way to better humanity is to better myself, as I have learned a lot of things in the past. Therefore, I can honestly say that what I give is what I get. I gave my friends sincerity and I got their love. I think that this mistake is worth for me.

Writing a short Article

How not to care what people think EmojiEmojiEmoji

By Kalyada Leosrisook – Age 17 (6th May ’2015)

Does the fear of what other people think bother you? Has it ever made you go back home sitting in the corner of the house thinking about it for hours? It’s obvious that we can’t control what other will think toward another. It’s impossible to stop thinking! Have you ever tried not thinking anything? Hard isn’t it? Even right now you’re thinking ‘What am I reading? ‘ 

Is there a way to stop caring? Yes, there is. The way is to just ignore what they think. This might be hard to many of us, especially when people lack self-confidence. Talking about lack of confidence, there might be another way. If you’re not so confident of yourself and scared of what people will think about your clothes, hair, or looks, etc. Then you can just build up your confidence. For example, if you’re overweight, you might lose your confidence on appearance.  You just have to exercise, make your body healthy and then there is nothing to worry about. If you’re too lazy to do that, then try the first way, by ignoring it.

Just remember life is too short to think about things that don’t matter and hurting your self-confidence.

Short story – Creative Writing Exercise

By Anika Ratnabhas, Grade 8, NIST International School, Bangkok, Thailand

Henry, the Mouse (31st July, 2014)

Hello, my name is Henry, and I’m one of those mice which live alone because I lost my family during the winter storm last year. I usually still manage to find myself a meal or two per day. It’s easy for me because I’m not a very picky eater. I love all types of food from meats to cakes and candies. However, my most favorite food is definitely cookies.

As the sun had set, my tummy started to growl so I decided to take a walk down food lane. Luckily, I came across a house with chocolate chip cookies on the front window. I knew it was freshly made! I could smell the melted chocolate chips. I started thinking about eating that delicious cookie. A really loud meow interrupted me then I looked over and saw a cat glaring at me. Suddenly, my tummy took control of me and I ran towards the cookie, from the hole in the front door. Five minutes later, I reached the rack of cookies and the only hurdle stopping me was the cat. The cat was looking around for me. Luckily, he didn’t see me. I bit his tail and threw a ball of yarn in front of him. He got carried away playing with the yarn and I quickly ran towards the cookie and got myself the biggest one and hurried out of the door.

The cookie was huge. It was larger than my body. I had to drag it home. By the time I reached home I was out of breath. I walked straight to the dining table and ate the whole cookie on my own, enjoying each bite until I was too full and fell asleep.

IGCSE – First Language/A level Example:

First Language English


By Phattrawan Chuvachata (Bee) IGCSE Student ( April 2013), Thailand

There was a tunnel lay open before them; there was only one way they could go now. Sue, the eldest sister led the way with courage and bravery. Her two sisters followed her closely. It was a pin drop silence, so silent that each could hear each other’s heart pounding.

‘There! There is light!’ shouted out Cee, the youngest sister. It was good news for a little girl’s thought but what Sue and Sam thought was totally different. Was someone there or was someone there before them since it was a candle light. The three sisters tip-toed through the slippery tunnel seeing the dim light as there was nothing else to focus on. They carefully walked to the candle but what surprised them was that the candle was still full, like it had just been lit.

All they cared for was heading home. Sue grabbed the candle and continued walking along the tunnel. Along the tunnel, they could see paintings and artworks of ancient people along the wall. The tunnel stretched like it was never going to end. There was no food, no water and no network. After a long walk, they all lost hope and thought that it was probably their fault to run out of their house and run away from their parents who were constantly on fight all the time.

Despite the hunger, the gloomy tunnel, they never gave up and continued walking hoping that there will be a destination waiting for them. The light was going to faint out anytime because the candle nearly finished. Sue blamed herself for having brought her sisters to face danger. The three sisters cried and held each other. The picture which was never seen before had given them strength to carry on and that they will go through this bad luck soon.

Till then no one could see an end to the tunnel, the deeper they went, the more dangerous it got. It was no point turning back because it was the world of the wild hunting for prey. While walking, they found two ways which they must choose. One way was dark like how it was and the other way was like a path to a town. There was trace of sunlight. All three of them, from their sleeping mode, had turned to each other, held each other’s hands and ran towards the light.

When running to the sunlight with tears of happiness, rocks started dropping in front of them blocking their way. They ran back to the black side of the tunnel and the tears turned to misery again. The exit was blocked. Why were there so many misfortunes? They continued their path along the pitch dark tunnel thinking if what happened to them was their own misfortunes or was there someone trying to play a game with them. It seemed like everything had been set from the beginning. There was nothing to blame and nothing to do. The only thing they could do was to continue their path along the dark tunnel. Without even knowing what else will be there waiting for them. The candle died out and goosebumps began with the scream of an anonymous somewhere inside the tunnel, but not far.

Who could it be? Anything worse to expect!

Human Error

By Phattrawan Chuvachata (Bee) IGCSE Student ( April 2013), Thailand

We see accidents and disasters occurring very often but nothing is more surprising than knowing that we, human beings are actually the main cause of the problems.

These days, nearly everything we see is man-made. Cars, computers, video games, airplanes are all inventions of human beings. The inventions were made to make life easier and reduce effort but then we misuse them. For example, all the road accidents nowadays occur because of our own carelessness and selfishness. If people are not too selfish and careless, accidents causing injuries and deaths will never have even occurred. If one drives cautiously, no such terrifying accidents will follow.

Disasters have been occurring since the world had started but noticing, nowadays, there are more disasters than there ever was. It is all because of global warming and the increase in of greenhouse gases. Pollution is the major reason which is again produced by cars, factories, again human-made. With the exponential increasing of human population, the demand for food increases too. From researches, twenty percent of the methane gas (a greenhouse gas) comes from the flatus of livestock which is a lot. The increasing of the ozone hole had also increased because of us. In spite of knowing what all this leads to, people are still least bothered.

Hence, machines had become more reliable than human beings. Human beings are the complex minded   people who only care for themselves. Humans are the major cause of all sorts of dangers. At the end, we will all be affected from this little reason, Human Error.

The Box

By Pangnaphap hat Rukspollmu ang (Tina) Feb 2013, Thailand

One morning when you wake up and you may wish you were the person you were not  you wish you were like someone else, but all you do is wake up feeling the same every morning. Though today it was different, today I suddenly felt like having a glass of coffee outside. Despite this weird act of mine suddenly wanting to have the beverage I hate most, when I got back home there was this weird box placed in front of my door.

As I opened the box, inside it was a glass with the tag ‘Pour coffee here.’ So, I did pour in the coffee. To my surprise came a mystic genie. Wow! How dizzy or insane does someone need to be in order to see illusions such as this? However, my eyes were not betrayed by illusion. There was really this genie who could have been lost and ended up in this box locked up in front of my door. I could not believe this! I also did not believe my eyes until this genie started talking to me. He granted me three wishes. Wow! Is this some kind of dream or a Disney movie? I thought.

Even though I did not believe I still told him my wishes. I told him with apprehension, ‘I wanted to be rich.’ Suddenly money went pouring in front of me. Despite the wonderful feeling of seeing this much money in my house I came to the thought that what I am going to use all this money for. I did not need so much money for my life. Moreover, I’m not the person who likes to use other people’s money, so I then told the genie, ‘I want to be famous.’

Consequently, random people started ringing my door bell, asking for my autograph taking many photos. It seemed like paparazzi everywhere. I was not used to this; I mean I used to have this normal life of going everywhere simply.  I realized I did not like this. It really came to the truth that those things that are one’s dreams, sometimes, it’s better to keep it as a dream because reality is not really like that. Finally, my last wish was, ‘I ask for is a normal life, a life where I would build up everything by myself.’ In this way I could be truly happy, I wondered. The box made me realize and recognize various aspects to life as a teenager.

Short Formal Dialogue

Teacher: Hello! It had been a long time since I met you last.
Me: Hi! It’s so nice to see you. How are you doing?
Teacher: I am doing great. What about you? I have not heard about you at all. How are your studies going?
Me: I am always fine. No worries. Sorry for not contacting you at all. I was not free at all. Busy with my university work. My studies are Ok. By the way are you still teaching at the same school?
Teacher: Yes, the university work is a lot and I am still teaching at the same school.
Me: Wow! That is great. The school should be prospering well then having such a good teacher in school.
Teacher: (Laughs) Thanks a lot for the compliment.
Me: You are always welcome.
Teacher: Do you have to run somewhere else after this?
Me: Yes, I am already late for my tuition now. Sorry… I have to rush to class now! Bye teacher! Hope to see you next time.
Teacher: Bye!
By Phattrawan Chuvachata (Bee) IGCSE Student (2013)

Short Informal Dialogue

Teacher: Hi! What a co-incidence! Long time no see! How have you been doing and how are you coping with your first Year University?
Me: Hi teacher! It’s so nice to see you too! I am doing fine. My first year university is going fine   too. When I went there first, it was quite a shock though. New friends, unknown people, new lifestyle and new society! I felt like it was like going back to grade one anyway, how are you? Are you still teaching at the same school?
Teacher: Well, I really understand the shock you got because I can very well remember myself in first Year University. I am doing great and yes I am still teaching at the same school. Oh! So you have come for a holiday right? How long will you be staying here?
Me: I will be staying here for another three days and I will be leaving again. Are u still using the same email-id? If you are using a new one please give me the id because I want to keep in touch.
Teacher: Yes, I still the use the same email. Ok… are you still in touch with your old friends I just bumped into them the day before.
Me: Yes, I do talk to them but not often. I have a lot of university work to do so I did not have time to get in touch at all but we are meeting up tomorrow and I am so excited to meet them.
Teacher: You should stay in touch with them. They really miss you that is what they told me.
Me: oh! Never knew that…. Teacher, do you want to grab some lunch? It’s already noon.
Teacher : I am so sorry, I have to go for some work after this may be if you could leave your phone number with me so that I can call you for lunch at my place before you leave again.
Me: Sure, 08XXXXXXXX Ok!! Since you have to go catch up with your work then I have to go now. Bye! See you soon!
Teacher: I will call you. Bye!
By Phattrawan Chuvachata (Bee) IGCSE Student (2013)

Report Writing and Summary sample

The train crash accident in the afternoon was tragic. There were sixty nine deaths and a hundred injured. This accident woke all the villager’s attention and scared them off. The train had crashed in the morning around 9 o’clock.
Luckily the villagers nearby had called the police station but since the accident occurred in the outskirts of the city, the communication was not smooth. Therefore, it took a while for us to get to the place where the accident took place. We were ready with our ambulance and the fire service. The first sight was a collapsed train out of its tracks. There were two other damaged trains also but nothing to worry about. We set our team into three different groups. The first action we took was to rescue all the people on the three. It was recorded that there were sixty nine deaths and hundred injured.
Secondly, our fire service worked on cooling down the heated engines of the trains. The ambulance hurried in sending all the injured ones to the hospital. Everything was synchronized, nothing went wrong. The only problem then was to find out the cause of the accident. The accident took place near the railway junctions. We had checked if the problem was with the trains’ system but it turned out not to be the cause.
Thirdly, we asked the villagers for any witness but surprisingly none of them were in the scene. After that we went to see if the trains’ drivers were alert and sober while driving the train. Two of the train drivers who survived had said that they were very sure that they were sober, aware and alert but it was the other train which went off the track. Unfortunately, the other train driver was found dead but the interesting part was that he did not die because of the collapsing of the train; he died because of being shot. We then checked all the passengers’ name list and there was Mr. Anderson, the big business man, who had recently been having problems with his colleague. Now, Mr. Anderson is severely injured and had admitted at the hospital.
Lastly, we are now closely going after Mr. Anderson’s history because we are certainly sure that it was why the train had crashed. We will hurry and end this case as soon as possible. Thank you.
By Phattrawan Chuvachata (Bee) IGCSE Student ( Feb 2013)
Movie Review – Choice
By Phattrawan Chuvachata (Bee) IGCSE Student ( April 2013)Watching a movie is one of the biggest entertainments in the world but does it give only entertainment? This movie, ’Choice’ will both entertain and give some good points of life to the audience.‘Choice,’ first movie of the new entertainment company ‘SayCash,’ will bring both laughter and tears in all the theaters  The movie stares at two characters, ‘Tai’ played by Bank and ‘Arh’ played by Way who also had directed the movie. It’s the first movie bringing two different singers, how the two create the phenomenon of the theaters and take control over the audience. The setting is in a mini mart grocery named ‘Choice.’ The whole movie tells the story of a night when both of the grocery workers lives’ changes forever.The movie is recommended for everyone especially the ones who are highly aiming for their dreams to become true. Everyone has dreams. Everyone thinks of making their dreams come true but very few actually begin doing it. This movie will encourage you to follow your dream and make it come true. Nothing is impossible. Everything is possible if you just begin doing from this minute onward.This movie has no sex discrimination or even racism; therefore, it is not age restricted. This movie may not be twisted, thrilling or exciting but it will please anyone in the cinema. The main focus of the movie is to make dreams come true. It is sure to be boring if it is too serious so a lot of comedy is added to make the movie more interesting and easy to watch. Even though it’s the company’s first movie, it will satisfy everyone watching it. The movie teaches many lessons of life and the true color of the world. The world is grey in color  it is neither totally white nor totally black. The movie summarizes that nothing is too far out of reach. Do your best and someday, sooner or later, your goal will be achieved.Anyone who needs an inspiration should definitely go for the movie since it is a movie with teachings which teenagers need to learn. Nowadays people decide to be lazy and stop making their dreams come true. This movie reflects everyone’s real life situation. It had been released a week ago and will not be out soon. It is really a movie worth watching, ‘Choice.’ ‘Dreams will come true, only if you make it come true.’



Various Writing Pieces & Book Review

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full moon

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Book Review:  June 2014

Behind the Game’ by John Sealey

The story starts off with the intense adrenalin at the Wankhede Stadium. The passionate game, Cricket is loved by many in India and this is the heart of this book. Author John Sealey surely understands the thrill behind the sport and gives an insightful journey of various events. The protagonist, Tony de Silva is a character many can relate to. The natural setting and plot shows how people from different classes are associated with the game and even how celebrities from different industries chinked their glasses in tribute to Tony. The natural flow of the story brings about the phases of human life where various emotional turmoil develops the story line.

The author also gives a preview about Mumbai’s life and architecture, which is nice. At times one could feel like she/she is at the green room with celebrities and stars having refreshments. The thrill and drama the setting brings is nice. Every story is complete with a dose of romance which this story brings. The romantic encounter and chaos of betrayal and secrets adds the spice in the book. After all, people with ambitious persona tend to fall in the trap of overindulgence and the sentiments paddle through to solve one situation to another. The character Karma is lovely, gutsy and plays an important role in bringing the story line forward. Overall, this book is a good read and time pass. I would give it a 4/5.

May 21, 2014 by 

“There are two types of writers: those who make you think and those who make you dream” says Brian Aldiss, who made me dream for such a long time with his science-fiction books. In principle I believe that every human being on this planet has at least one good story to tell his neighbor. What follows are my reflections on some important items in the process of creating a text:

Above all else, the writer has to be a good reader. The kind that sticks to academic texts and does not read what others write (and here I’m not just talking about books but also blogs, newspaper columns and so on) will never know his own qualities and defects.

So, before starting anything, look for people who are interested in sharing their experience through words. I’m not saying: “look for other writers”. What I say is: find people with different skills, because writing is no different from any other activity that is done with enthusiasm.

Your allies will not necessarily be those that everyone looks on with admiration and says: “there’s nobody better”. It’s very much the opposite: it’s people who are not afraid of making mistakes, and yet they  do make mistakes. That is why their work is not always recognized. But that’s the type of people who change the world, and after many mistakes they manage to get something right that will make all the difference in their community.

These are people who cannot sit around waiting for things to happen before they decide on the best way to narrate them: they decide as they act, even knowing that this can be very risky.

Living close to these people is important for writers, because they need to understand that before putting anything down on paper, they should be free enough to change direction as their imagination wanders. When a sentence comes to an end, the writer should tell himself: “while I was writing I traveled a long road. Now I can finish this paragraph in the full awareness that I have risked enough and given the best of myself.”

The best allies are those who don’t think like the others. That’s why,  while you are looking for your companions, trust your intuition and don’t pay any attention to others’ remarks. People always judge others using the model of their own limitations – and at times the opinion of the community is full of prejudices and fears.

Join those who have never said: “it’s finished, I have to stop here”. Because just as winter is followed by spring, nothing comes to an end: after reaching your objective, you have to start again, always using all that you have learnt on the way.

Join those who sing, tell stories, enjoy life and have happiness in their eyes. Because happiness is contagious and always manages to keep people from being paralyzed by depression, loneliness and troubles.

And tell your story, even if it’s only for your family to read.

Creative Writing 

March ’2013

A Frightening Experience

            As Tom and I ended up at a spooky looking house, the sun already started setting. It all turned out like how we thought it would be, but there was one thing which did not go like how we had planned. I did not want to challenge myself and enter the house anymore. How much ever I begged Tom, he refused, caught my hand and dragged me in.

Tom slowly opened the door which made creaking sounds. I could only imagine of what would pop out of the dark at that moment. The house was pitch dark. However soundlessly we tried to walk, there was still the creaking of the old wooden floor. We turned on our torch and started looking around. The house was still filled with vintage furniture. We continued walking upstairs and got too scared by the little creatures which kept on crawling onto our feet. The stairs were so weak and seemed like it was going to collapse anytime. We went through every room to complete the process as it was said that something unexpected will happen after finishing the house tour.

We walked all over the house and still did not see anything unusual. Tom got very furious and bursted out shouting and insulting all the spirits. I warned Tom not to say such things so many times but he would not listen. A while later, Tom stopped and fell on the ground. I asked him if he was alright but he would not answer and lie still on the ground. I told him to get out quickly. I pulled his arm but instead he just pushed me away so hard and shouted out, “Get out of my house!” From that moment on I just ran out of the house leaving Tom alone. I was sweating so much in spite of the bitter cold. I headed home and just forced myself to sleep with all the fear with goosebumps. I could say that I felt like I had a psychological disorder.

Early next morning, I woke up to find a note written ‘Never enter my house Again. –Tom.’ From that moment on I got so scared that I begged my mom to relocate at other cities. I shifted my house and since then I never went back there or heard of  Tom ever again.

by Phattrawan Chuvachata (Bee) – March 2013 (Bangkok, Thailand)

February 2013

The Age Is Not Limitation of Love

I do not know what love is and no one knows exactly the answer of this and what is the phenomenon. It is the question of all times and nationalities. That’s because everyone expresses it in different ways. But the truth is – the sense left is the same! I think, love cannot be described just by words because even our rich Russian language is not able to depict what we are feeling during that time.

However, I want to attempt to express it. The feelings lack of what you will not have so beautiful and exiting colors of our life. Like the ingredient that can fulfill and without that there will not be a completed formula. That moment when you really feel happy to be with so many important people, who is a small miracle in this world. But actually, when we are feeling so good, we forget to say “Thank you” to God. Despite good or bad things what were done by us the Supreme gives us inspiration. What hue our life so brightly, brings new ideas and desires to make our life better.

It’s a strange feeling and brings a smile on your face. Just because of your eyes as it met his or her eyes at the same time. The ability to be next to him, holding his hands, looking straight to his face, hugging him, kissing him, resting your head on his shoulder or lie down next to him, dreaming together, every day opening a new world for our-self together, smiling, laughing, being melancholy, crying, walking in the park, swimming in ocean, taking photos, jumping, running, fooling around and going crazy, combing one’s hair, dressing, cooking, and after having breakfast/lunch, dinner together, washing clothes, cleaning apartment, go shopping, going for a holiday, walk or drive to work, seeking joint hobby, listening music, listen and hear each other main, talking etc – these are the most incredible and unforgettable moments of our life! They will never be repeated and would remain like a first time. We have to start to be thankful for what we have and just find a minute in the 24 hours to say “Thank you”.

By Viktoria Lebedva - written Feb 2013 - From Ukraine

January 2013

The Candy Cane Mystery
By Aaron Bryan Wibowo (Grade 4)
Someone stole the stripes from all the candy cane.  But who? I went to look who stole it. I saw some footprints that I didn’t see when I came in. I took my candy cane to my car and I saw more footprints. I went into the car and all my things in the car were gone. Now that man or thing is really going to pay and go to jail. I followed the footprints and I saw some car tracks. I jumped into my car and followed the car track. After I followed a car track, I saw the car and the man running. I saw a motorbike and took it. I left a note just to make sure the owner is not disappointed at me. I rode it and followed the man at maximum speed. Then he took off with a helicopter. Then I also took off with a jet that I saw. I chased him to the sea. When he saw the sea, he just jumped off. At first I thought he was crazy but I was wrong. I saw him in a speed boat. ‘Can’t this guy ever give up?’ I thought. Then I saw a speed boat too. I jumped off and got inside I saw my jet exploded because it crashed with the helicopter. I found a gun and shot at the speed boat and it went through the metal and destroyed the machine and I trapped the thief. Then the thief looked down and saw piranhas waiting to eat him, so he gave up and he went to jail and I got the candy cane stripes back.
The Monster Match
By Aaron Bryan Wibowo (Grade 4)
When my friend Mary called and to told me that we would be playing with a bunch of monsters this weekend for the soccer playoffs, I thought she was kidding. But when I arrived at the field, my eyes nearly fell out of my head. There, in the middle of the field, was a horde of the nastiest meanest looking trolls, ogres, and goblins I had ever seen. They were huge with long horns, sharp teeth, and ugly warts all over their bodies. I knew there was going to be trouble when the first thing they did was eat the referee, so the referee wouldn’t disturb them but we told them they cheated because they were suppose to respect the referee because he takes care of the game but they ignored us. Then the game started I tried to kick the ball to Mary but one of the monsters pushed me down and took the ball from me and kicked the ball toward the goal. They won many times because they were big and had a lot of muscles. The next day Mary and I had a plan that we would make our own team. We invited some of our friends that were good at playing football. When the game started I was the one who had to kick the ball. Then one of the monsters just ran towards me. Then I kicked the ball to my friend and the monster tripped and we won every round so we were the winner of the game and became a champion.


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The Classroom: Ashley and her Mystical Tale Novel

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The Classroom: Ashley and her Mystical Tale Novel
Did a book launch in the AFCC, Singapore. It was nice to involve the audience and see the response naturally.
Poem: ‘Giggles’ being read by Father and Daughter at the Asian Festival of Children Content (AFCC) 1st June 2014, Singapore
Voice by KJ Ink and Xunny Dey
Instagram (storiesbybhavk)



The Butterfly Garden, Singapore

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Connect with nature in your own way. Your heartbeat is your music and response is the melody.

The Butterfly signifies patterns of life and color. Each type of butterfly is nature’s gift. It was a blessing and blissful moment to be part of it.


Poetry performance by KJ Ink – The Hidden History of Women

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Reaching the World 2013 – Literary Event in Bangkok (October 2013)
In conjunction with UNESCO’s ‘Bangkok World Book Capital 2013
The success of this year’s event was due not only to more than 150 writers from 22 countries joining us, many of them funding themselves, but also to the generosity of the BMA.


Reading by Kathryn & KJ Ink at Overground Bar & Restaurant

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Reaching the World 2013 – Literary Event in Bangkok (October 2013)

In conjunction with UNESCO’s ‘Bangkok World Book Capital 2013
The success of this year’s event was due not only to more than 150 writers from 22 countries joining us, many of them funding themselves, but also to the generosity of the BMA.